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Deinterlacing doesn't work for me [SOLVED]


I would like my film to be deinterlaced during rendering, but it doesn't seem to work.

In the project settings, the video profile is set to DV/DVD PAL.

The only video clip is originally VHS PAL and has been digitalized as an mjpeg.

In the clip properties, I have tried changing the field order to top and bottom frames to no avail.


Audio gaps

I have also an audio-gaps-problem, but the sound is already in Kdenlive (0.9.2) gappy, before rendering.

The videos have several sources (48kHz und 44,1kHz) and the project profile is HD 720 25fps. I also tried extracting audio (48kHz) and re-import but its still not working. Video looks fine, btw.


"Gaps" in audio when rendering to any format

Hi everyone !

I've started using Kdenlive recently and I'm pretty happy with it ! Thanks to everyone in the team !

I have one issue though. I made a video with 2 video and 3 audio tracks. The video source is a camera producing 1080p video and the sound is from 16 bits 44KHz OGG files. Videos have sound (in 48KHz) but the sound in those tracks is muted.


2.7K and greater resolutions in KDENlive

Greatings All,

I am curious about the resolutions > 1080p... I now have a gopro3 black that can record at 2.7K but what do I do with it??!! I can edit it in Kdenlive but, how can I render it in a format that will output at 2.7?

Is this a feature not yet available to video in general? Does anyone have experience with high resolution rendering?

Peace and love to all.



Rendering Profile for Camcorder with 1080p 50fps

What do you think about this rendering profile for a camcorder source with 1080p and 50 fps (Panasonic HC-V727)
FX-8320 cpu (8 cores)

acodec=ac3 ac=6 ab=448k ar=48000 vcodec=libx264 vpre=libvpx-1080p50_60 crf=20 threads=9

The result then is:

mediainfo test.mkv
Unique ID : 127697614502082335346218316057784467735 (0x6011AA7C54B0DB33E8297496D389C117)
Complete name : test.mkv
Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 2
File size : 45.6 MiB
Duration : 56s 620ms
Overall bit rate : 6 755 Kbps
Writing application : Lavf53.21.1
Writing library : Lavf53.21.1

ID : 1
Format : AVC


Empty file after rendering


After mixing a few clips, I tried to output the resulting video (different codec : mp4, xvi, mpg2,...) but nothing was in the file. I checked by doing "melt myproject.kdenlive" in a terminal. The result was a window with "INVALID" text displayed. In the terminal, I have the following errors :

philippe@linux-jrxs:~/Videos/MAGNUM_PI> melt test.kdenlive
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/MAGNUM_PI/title00.mkv.wav"
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/MAGNUM_PI/title00.mkv"
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/00180.MTS"
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/00181.MTS"
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/00185.MTS"
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/00203.MTS"
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/00190.MTS"
[producer_xml] failed to load producer "/home/philippe/Videos/00197.MTS"


Strange problem rendering


I'm fighting an issue that just seemed to crop up.

I have to render a 240 x 144 video and have done it before with proper output.

This is made up of still images (like a slide show) and is for an LED large format sign.

The problem I am having is that in the preview window for the sign software the renedered video is showing wide black areas on the left and right.

Various sofware reports that the video is 240 x 144, and looking at previously rendered images that were done both with kdenlive and other software shows exactly the same details about the file. Those other images completely fill the preview window in the sign software as they should.

If I try to use the pan and zoom effect things appear to be clipped in the Project view in kdenlive so it doesn't appear to be the source material.

The project is the same as I have used previously, and is set for 240 x 144. Rendering is set for 1:1 (square) pixels.

Kdenlive version on Ubuntu 12.04


Render for Facebook

I use Kdenlive 0.9.2 under KDE 4.9.5 (Kubuntu 12.10).

Recently I published a video an Facebook and the results were disappointing specially the text. I tried different formats but even if the rendering-result looks good in VLC or Dragon Player, I couldn't read the text neither the video looks acceptable.

Which settings must I use for rendering?

What mistakes may I have done? (I'm not realy used to digital editing)


Cant render movie

Hello, I am new to using kdenlive, but have now put about 20 to 30 hours into it. Unfortunatley i cannot render my movie. There could be a number of problems, i have used many different file types within the project (flv, avi, ts, etc.). And after having made my movie and not being able to render it, i ran a test run with just a wmv. file and was effectivley able to to render it. But as for my movie i really need to be able to render, it supposedly renders in 3 to 9 seconds and then contains 0 bytes.

All of your help would be more than greatly appreciated!


Valid video and audio presets?

I would like to use video and audio presets of avconv (former ffmpeg). Which values are valid? I could find these presets in my system:



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