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MP4 file rendering

I add an H.264/AVC clip from my cam, split the audio, ungroup and delete the AAC audio track. I add a new AC3 audio track (the one recorded from the sound mixer to replace the one from the cam). I then render to MP4 file rendering. What I get is a file that is twice the size: the same video back-to-back with the first coming out as expected and the second one coming out with no audio. Where does the second copy of the video come from? It is not in the timeline. What's going on here?


Rendering to image sequence

hi guys

i am finishing a video and i need to do the post-processing in blender. the best way to do that in my opinion is to render as an image sequence that way i wont loose quality...

the thing is i cant find a profile to render as a png image sequence.

also i need to export tha audio separately to do some mastering in audacity. could anyone share a profile for that as well.

my footage is fullhd 24p.



Render Speed Up? 7 hours or more for render MTS to MP4... (Ubuntu Studio 12.10)


I'm trying to reduce the time that my videos are created. There are a method to speed up renders???
My current profile:

"/usr/bin/melt" "/tmp/kde-jordiMFuSFg/kdenlivefB2247.mlt -profile atsc_1080p_50 -consumer avformat:/home/jordi/Dià progress=1 f=mp4 hq=1 acodec=aac ab=192k ar=48000 pix_fmt=yuv420p vcodec=libx264 minrate=0 vb=6000k g=250 bf=3 b_strategy=1 subcmp=2 cmp=2 coder=1 flags=+loop flags2=dct8x8 qmax=51 subq=7 qmin=10 qcomp=0.6 qdiff=4 trellis=1 aspect=@16/9 threads=1 real_time=-1"


no frame image when I trim at the beggining


When I trim a clip at the beggining, the rendering don't put new image frame (I think). So I have a grey image during 1 second...

Do you have any ideas ?


Render Profiles not showing.

Hello, Im new to kdenlive and new to the video world.
I have recently created to "test" projects to get my feet wet with kdenlive. I downloaded some additional render profiles but they are not showing up when I go to render my project.

What am I doing wrong?


[Solved] Rendering crashed


I just finished my project with Kdenlive 0.9.4. Unfortunately, I can't render my project...
I'm working with ubuntu 12.10.

Here is the bug i have :

Rendering of /home/yannick/Vidéos/Ile maurice/Rendus/Ile-momo-finale.mp4 crashed
[flv @ 0x26ae760] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
[flv @ 0x29d6da0] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
[flv @ 0x29d8cc0] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
[mp3 @ 0x294c4c0] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x2954540] max_analyze_duration reached
[flv @ 0x2970500] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
[flv @ 0x2aa9e40] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
[flv @ 0x2b88a60] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
[mp3 @ 0x7f61702cd520] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x7f61702cdb60] max_analyze_duration reached


[SOLVED] Problem rendering

I am having issues with rendering a short clip I've made. I spent two days on it, it's only 2 minutes long, but it's the first video editing I've ever done and I'm pretty happy with it.

The clip uses a lot of different effects and I have overdubbed a studio recording of a track that is playing throughout the movie.

While making it I experienced a lot of crashes, but I did have some successful renderings of some of the first versions of the clip. Now whenever I try to render the clip it doesn't work. I have experienced only being able to see the effects (no video) or that the video displays in black and white. And I have tried virtually all of the possible rendering profiles (all defaults under Web Sites and File Rendering) but also downloaded a couple from the website.

If anyone have any ideas on how to solve it, or a method for me to take the work that I've done and in some way make it distributable I would be much obliged.


Sound too fast after rendering[solved]


i use kdenlive 0.9.2 on mint 14.
In kdenlive the sound of my clip is perfect.
When i render, the sound is too fast. I tried various output formats and audio bitrates, but the sound is
always faster as the video.

what can i do?

thanks in advance.


Rendering to h.264 gives sound only, no video


I using kdenlive 0.9.4 in ubuntu 12.10, and have run into some problems when rendering to h.264-format. Mpeg2 works nicely, as do mp4, but often (but not always!) when I render to h.264, the file contains only sound, no video. I make sure the "export audio" is grey-ish ("automatic"), and have also tried with it blank or with a clear mark - without success. However, it seems that *sometimes* it works, maybe when the computer is newly rebooted - I have not been able to be sure about this, as the successes are difficult to produce...

Any ideas on what might be wrong?



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