Topics and tips about the output of video from a Kdenlive project

Desynchronization of audio and video when rendering to ogv (theora+vorbis)


because I needeed to change the title sequence and adjust the levels of two sets of 10 videos, I imported the VOB files into Kdenlive and reworked them. Since the videos were meant to be shown on the web, I created a custom profile to export to ogv (theora/vorbis) that more or less looks like this:

vcodec=libtheora g=15 qscale=6 acodec=libvorbis aq=3


speed effect works in preview, after render video freezes wherever speed effect was used.

I've been using kdenlive for a long time now, its always worked great for me, but this has got me stumped.

I run Linux mint version 14, kdenlive 0.9.2 is the version in the repo. I always had crashing issues with that version so I updated to the latest git version about a month ago. Worked great for months.


Render shrinks my clips

I'm trying to render my video, but I keep getting black border around it, it's like kdenlive scale down my clips.

I set the profile to
res. 1440 x 900
frame rate 24/1
display aspect ratio: 16:10
par 1 / 1

My clips have exact parameters, recorded via kdenlive grab screen. When I add newly rendered clip to project I can see the border in preview window. I tried different codecs, but always have the same result.

What I am doing wrong?


Project plays with A/V in sync in Kdenlive, rendered version goes out of sync

At the end of my rope - I've edited and effected a 1:28 minute concert film, but can't get it out of kdenlive.

The source is footage from three cameras, two encoded to DV AVI files and one in it's native mp4. Since it's a concert, I've alinged all the video clips with the best audio track and made cuts to see the angles I want. I can play without flaw in kdenlive.

The problem arises when I render. I loose audio sync, but differently depending on the export format. I realize that some effects may be caused by players rather than the encoded file, so I tested each with both GMplayer and VLC. Results:

Destination: DVD>NTSC 4:3 VOB VLC Result: Loses sync at 33:18 on a particular cut;shots from only one track are out of sync. GMPlayer result:Same

Destination: File Rendering>MPEG-2 VLC Result: Loses sync at 33:18 on a particular cut;shots from only one track are out of sync. GMPlayer result:Same


How to create a render profile


I need to generate a Windoze compatible AVI file that will play on older media player code. This is to drive and LED sign.

I found a discussion that related to getting a render from kdenlive to work on Windows but I'm having some problems translating what works at the command line into something in the render profile.

I used the media player Apple QT (.mov) render and created a .mov file.

Then at the command line I can do this and I wind up with an .AVI that is perfect for what I need to do.

ffmpeg -i -vcodec msmpeg4 -vtag MP43 -acodec libmp3lame foo.avi

But if I create a custom render profile that just contains the -vcodec msmpeg4 -vtag MP43 -acodec libmp3lame bits it, of course, doesn't render a useful. File.

How would I go about effectively chaining what is being done for the .mov render to that I can produce an .avi file using the msmpeg4 codec all in one step?


New kdenlive user, rendering crashes -- where to begin?

Hi folks,

I am just taking my first look at kdenlive, so please be kind!

I have created a very simple project with one clip and one title frame. I have tried to render it to different formats, but everything I've tried ends in a crash.

I'm running Fedora 17 and kdenlive was apparently installed with the default installation because it was "just there." It is Kdenlive version 0.9.2.

I have seen a lot of posts to the forum for the render crashing issue, and it seems to be a widespread issue with a lot of underlying causes. So I'm hoping there is an outline of things to check. I'm sure there is just a missing library or supporting program somewhere but I don't know where to begin.

With each attempt, the rendering seems to get to the very end, and then I get something like this:

Rendering of /home/xxxxxxxx/Videos/kdenlive/goofy_test_1.avi crashed
[swscaler @ 0x7fd5e9f277c0] Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speedloss


Order of DVD menu buttons

Is there any way to specify order of the buttons in a DVD menu? I am making a video of a play we recently did and when I stick the final DVD into a DVD player act 2 is the first button highlighted. The act two button is also underscored when selected while the Play All has a line thru it (at least on my DVD drive, using a media player on linux is fine)


Kdenlive Crashes when the "Render" button is clicked

I am running Kdenlive 0.9.2 on Ubuntu 12.10

I have had Kdenlive install for a few months and it has worked beautifully until today. After adding some final touches to a project, I went to render and when I clicked the "Render" button, Kdenlive just closes. I relaunched the program and clicked "Render" and the same thing happened. I restarted my laptop and that didn't help. I made sure is something in the project by just opening Kdenlive and trying to render a blank project. I uninstalled and reinstalled Kdenlive and that didn't help either. I have been able to render in the past but now...nothing.

Here is the output from the terminal as the program is lauched to when the Render button is clicked...

$ kdenlive
Got bus address: "unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-bjkCeNfMKk,guid=8d7ff1b582fb4ebbb1763c30510ac3df"
Connected to accessibility bus at: "unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-bjkCeNfMKk,guid=8d7ff1b582fb4ebbb1763c30510ac3df"
Registered DEC: true


ロレックス ディープシー 中古終了有効に終了した

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関係者ugg ベビーシューズ「映画監督不必要外ugg nordstrom自分主観曲理由映画監督が不必要な外圧で自分の主観やこだわりを曲げる理由はないが、一般大衆相手産ロレックス オーバーホール 料金映画一般大衆を相手にした産業映画なら、社会的雰囲気大衆考rewrite canoecanoe light考慮社会的な雰囲気や大衆の考えもある程度は考慮すべきだ」意見話と意見を話した。パクチョンチョルの所属事務所側は「馬から落ちた後、頭をぶつけて頭から出血し、肩と腰の負傷で痛みを訴えた。


Having some problems getting the desired target video size [resolved]


I'm trying to render a simple video that should be 1024x768 in size. My target viewing platform is WindowsXP Embedded on a thin client machine with screen resolution of 1024x768.

The video needs to loop forever in full screen and the best player I have found for this is MPlayer built for Windows.

I'm running kdenlive on Ubuntu 12.04

My Render settings are:
Custom Size: 1024 x 768
Frame rate 30000 / 1001
FPS 59.94
Pixel aspect ration 8 / 9
Display aspect ration 4 / 3
Colorspace ITU-R 601

In the render dialog:
XVid4 is selected (but I've tried others with no better success)
Scanning is Auto
Encoder threads is 1
Export_audio, 2 pass, Rescale, Play after render and overlay are all unchecked.
Full project is selected.

The line that is built in the render dialog is:
acodec=libmp3lame ab=%audiobitrate+'k' ar=44100 vcodec=libxvid minrate=0 vb=%bitrate+'k' aspect=%dar mbd=2 trellis=1 mv4=1 pass=%passes



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