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rendering crashing with title clips


I am using Kdenlive Version 0.9.2. and Ubuntu 12.10.
I have been using Kdenlive for a week to cut videos and render them into .mp4 files. Until today, I haven't encountered any problem. But today, as I tried to render a project including a title clip with a slide transition, the rendering unfortunately crashed. After trying several things, I have come up to think that the problem arises with the title clip whatever the profile is. Everything is ok when my project don't have any title clip.

Here is the message I got when the file crashed :

Rendering of /home/*/kdenlive/untitled.mpg crashed
[mpeg @ 0x7fd1d00c6ae0] VBV buffer size not set, muxing may fail
melt: /build/buildd/libav-extra-0.8.4ubuntu0.12.10.1/libav/libavcodec/ratecontrol.c:693: ff_rate_estimate_qscale: Assertion `picture_numbernum_entries' failed.

Last but not least, I get a message of "internal error" from Ubuntu everytime I try rendering a file with a title clip.


Preventing system sleep during rendering on mac

Just started with kdenlive... seems pretty great. One slight issue I'm having is that my system seems to go to sleep during rendering, which makes the render not finish overnight. I'd rather not disable sleep, because then my computer won't sleep the entire night after the render is done.

Am I missing something simple? Any tips for Mac OS 10.8



How to render a 240 x 144 video with kdenlive?


I'm going to need to render a 240 x 144 AVI video, either uncompressed or Microsoft RLE codec.

This is for a large format digital LED video sign.

I don't see any obvious way to set up the AVI render so I thought I would ask if this is possible with kdenlive or if I will need to fall back to Windoze and a video editing program there?

If I've missed something in the docs please point me to the appropriate spot in the docs.

Thanks in advance,


[Fixed] in rendering, the PIP values is double (size and position)


I add image on video (PIP) with compsition transition.
I change the size and the position. On the preview, all is good, but on rendering, the image is double and the position is also on double.
If I change size from 50% to 25% and position from 800 to 400, all is good.

You can tell me to change all my setting, but it will be boring isn't it?

do you have an idea on a solution?

Thanks for all, regards


Rendering is not producing anything

I created a project and when I try to render it I get an empty file. I have tried rendering to different formats, tried selective rendering, I am not sure what I am doing wrong. This is my first attempt at creating a video with this program, any advise would be helpful, Thanks.


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variable bit rate h264, am I using it or not?

I have no idea. I did a lot of googling and lots of talk about what it is in ffmpeg and not much examples. Lots of people wanted to use cbr and examples for that were given.
I want VBR on my encodes.
Does anyone use the kdenlive gui? I get the feeling people use a lot of commandline.

Here is what I have for encoding from that.

This does 3000 bit something, I have no idea if it is variable or constant.

The line vb=3000k sets a bit rate.


Rendering crashs - all profiles

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 64bits, and no render are happening - all are failing, although it was working before (1 month ago).
I de-installed, re-installed, no improvement.
I read on the forum that sometimes it works if you start kdenlive in root mode.
And effectively, it works, the rendering is starting again!
Anyone can advise what happenned?


Wrong profile...

Hey, i messed up a mayor issue... i used a profile of 720 hd 30 fps when it should be 29,97.... i could render it to a mp4 file and upload it to a youtube, though today i had to project it in stage and neither windows or linux respected the flow of the video... then it was that i understood my mistake. The thing is now i can't export the video... and i would like to have a hint on which would be the smartest way to proceed.
This is the output it gives me exporting to .vob (i think of this format being very versatile... i am so in a hurry that quality doesn't matter that much...)

Rendering of /home/felipe/Videos/limo voces.vob crashed
[wav @ 0x93e92c0] max_analyze_duration 5000000 reached at 5001333
[wav @ 0x93f0de0] max_analyze_duration 5000000 reached at 5001333
[mp3 @ 0x94335c0] max_analyze_duration 5000000 reached at 5015510 [mp3 @ 0x94335c0] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate


Wrong colors in rendered video

I have a project consisting of a video and some partially transparent images, which are screenshots from that video edited in Gimp and made transparent everywhere but the places I edited.
There's the usual issue with colorspaces, that is, when images are imported into timeline with Composite transition, their colors become dull as in In my particular case, "Full luma range" option on images does nothing. When this option is applied to the video, it similarly distorts video colors, so that colors between images and video (almost) match.



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