Topics and tips about the output of video from a Kdenlive project

render to a network windows7 samba share gives error on permission

I thought why not try rendering across the gigabyte lan?
Now this windows share IS public and I even turned off windows firewall.

Using Nautilus in Ubuntu, I can do whatever I wish file wise.
KEDnlive is complaining, so what else needs to be done?

also this directory already exists, so the error message is misleading.



Low quality dark areas overlay


Im using an overlay effect over a black area and im getting this (low quality gradient) no matter how i render... what can i do?



If you do force progressive which de interlaces video, can it be undone?

Or is that other data gone forever.

Is there any disadvantage or advantage to deinterlacing?
I see many players can now deinterlace real time as they play video.
Digital TV I think also can deinterlace realtime or do not need deinterlacing.

movie player totem, vlc, smplayer do that.

Does WMP deinterlace real time?

Does this really only matter to some older TV or older software?


render web optimized metadata location for streaming web sites like youtube?

I have used several rendering apps including handbrake which has a specific web optimized check box.

Videos I have rendered with that checked, I dont get the youtube warning recommendation for optimizing streaming (which youtube then does anyway if your upload is not web optimized)

So If I render to h264 in kdenlive, what custom parameter would be used to optimize for web streaming?


render to h264 and use 3000 bit rate?

I have presets between 2000 then jumps to 4000

What can I do to set bit rate to 3000?


rendering into image sequence


I'd like to know if there exist some plugin to kdenlive for rendering into image sequence. I browsed setts and internet and it seems to me this is the weak point of the program.


Rendering causes computer shutdown

Hi All,
When I try to render my project my computer is switched off unexpectedly.
I tried to divide my project to two and I managed to render it by this way.

But now I faced with this problem again - I can't render the first half of my project.
After approximately 10 minutes my computer is shut down.
I tried to render it by script generated by kdenlive, but result is the same.

Any idea?

My system is openSuSE 12.2 AMD 64 bit


Rndering to 320x200 when I want 1920x1080

I am new to kdenlive. I have created a few videos so far. They rendered no problem to h.264 1920x1080. Then.... i spent hours working on a large project. When I render it, it keeps rescaling to 320x200. I haven't changed the settings or profile settings since last video. I want it to render a h.264 video in full 1920x1080 but it keeps dropping to 320x200. I checked all the settings I can find to find the problem. I'm stumped.


NTSC not available in File Rendering

NTSC isn't available when trying to Render to File (File Rendering). HD, MPEG2, FLV etc are available but nothing indicating NTSC is present on the screen.

How do I fix this?


Rendered file says "INVALID" across whole video

So I have put together a video for my business's YT channel. In the project, I have a .kdenlive file as an intro, a couple short music clips, and 2 video clips. Effects are nothing crazy - some pan/zoom, some fade in/out, and I have one of the title clips composited over the whole thing as a watermark. When I render, the output file is black and says "INVALID" in large white letters.

I have played with this for several hours over the last few nights, and have narrowed it down a bit. If I remove just the composited watermark title clip, it will almost work. I can render a selection and it works perfectly. If I render the whole project, the output shows "INVALID" on top of the functioning video! Strange. So why would parts render properly, but not the whole thing? Removing other files and clips don't make any difference.

Are there any log files that would offer some insight to this rediculously frustrating issue that shouldn't be?



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