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Rendering stops, "melt" program closed unexpectedly

While rendering a small project (15 mins video) with my laptop to DVD (NTSC 16.9 VOB), the process stopped with the following message:

"Problem in melt: Sorry, the program "melt" closed unexpectedly. Your computer does not have enough memory to automatically analyze the problem and send report to developers."


Rendering dumps core, crashes without info

Kdenlive 0.9.2 on FC17, x86_64, all current patches.

When I click the Render button (or select Render from the pull down), no render dialog appears at all. Kdenlive crashes without any messages. Dumps core. Some files in /var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2012* but inspecting them, I do not see anything that leads where to look.

Help please?



video playback Hd 1920x1080 50p : troubles with ubuntu, but not in windows xp !


first, i'm sorry for my poor english...

i have a new camcorder SONY CX530
it does movies "fullhd" AVHD 1920x1080x50p, 24Mbits, codec H264, containair : MPEG-2 Transport Stream (.mts)

In Kdenlive, i make a project in HD 1080p 50fps profil.
But i have problem for rendering my movie:
- when i use H.264 profiles render, vlc, totem,xine,kaffeine, or other player have troubleshotting with the video. the reader software lost somes frames ... i don't known if you understand me?...
- i have sames problems with mpg4, xvid4, webm...

i don't have any problem with HDV PAL 1080 50i, but the format is 1440x1080... and it's entrelaced (i)

i have 1 computer who have 1 year, and a other 2 years... both in ubuntu 12.10, with the latest version of kdenlive stable 0.9.2

When i download movies on internet in 1080p or 720p codec h264 .mp4, i have no problem for read them.

so, 2 questions :
1) why i can't read my own film in mp4?


Rendered video has out of sync audio after update

I'm new to kdenlive but was getting on fine until a recent update. I'm using Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) which has kdenlive in the repository.

The problem of video out of sync with audio has arisen since an update a few days ago. (apparent when rendering 1280X720 30 fps to DVD and MP4)

Looking at the history for that update etc, as far as I can tell, kdenlive is unchanged ( but MELT has gone from to

I've tried going back to the earlier version and think I succeeded but the out of sync problem remains.


unsupported audio decoder: libmp3lame, or unsupported video decoder: libx264??

Hi, there!

On the Rendering(export) dialog, I clicke some export format, the warning messages is like the following:
unsupported audio decoder: libmp3lame, or unsupported video decoder: libx264

How to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot!


What is this!?!?!?!?!?!?! HELP!


this is the code i see when kden says Rendering of /home/ /kdenlive/file.m2t crashed

Can someone please help?!?!? Soon!?!?!?!?


Project monitor picture discolored

I added a DV clip to my project, and the picture displays off-color in the project monitor. It is mostly a dark red color, with figures barely perceptible. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 on an iMac Intel computer. The file was captured from a Samsung SCD23 digital camcorder with Kino.


What does this mean: Your clip does not match current project's profile ?


I am new to Kdenlive, when I add a rmvb file to Kdenlive, a message says:

Your clip does not match current project's profile. No existing profile found to match the clip's properties.
Clip size: 720X404
Fps: 23.976

And I just cut and deleted the unnecessary part from the clip, tried to save or rendering the clip, Kdenlive just closed or crashed.

What is the problem? the format rmvb is not right?

Thanks for your help in advance.


I can not render properly in the formats available


i've already tried troubleshooting this in Kubuntu forums. But it didn't get me far.

i have this situaiton.


the following ffmpeg thigs are installed:


This file contains no playable stream (Ubuntu 12.10) and other related troubles...


I install Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome Remix, and Kdenlive have a lot of troubles...

First, I installed from repositories, but no luck Rendering: no profiles... no sound in some profiles... not rendering the project correctly (ends at the end of a MTS video, in the example...)

Later, I have install KDENLIVE from SOURCE, like these:

But still have the problems... FIRST, no profiles for rendering... later, i do:
sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53

and the profiles MP4 and others, now Available... but when I open a file, i get this:

"This file contains no playable stream (Ubuntu 12.10)"

I'm going crazy... :( My work depends on Kdenlive! :)




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