Installing Kdenlive

Stable release

Kdenlive latest stable release can be downloaded from the KDE servers. (release before 0.9 are still available on our SourceForge page).

Getting the latest source code

Alternatively, you can checkout the development of Kdenlive from the git server:

git clone git://

You can also browse source code online ( | Quickgit).

If you want to build the current stable branch (0.9):

git checkout v0.9

Or to build the current development code:

git checkout master

Compiling and installing Kdenlive

Then, in the kdenlive directory, where the files have been downloaded to, type:

mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr; make
sudo make install

Updating your sources to the latest version

To later update to latest version of the source code:

git pull

Then make and make install and previously described.