Preparing your computer

Most computers have a defaut setup to boot on a DVD or USB mass-storage:

  • Intel/AMD PCs:
    • Just after reboot, the BIOS dispays information.
    • You may then hit ESC or F2 key (or whatever key is displayed) to enter BIOS. 
    • Change your BIOS to allow booting on DVD or USB Mass-storage.
    • The boot order may be DVD/USB and then disc.
  • Intel MacOsX:
    • In the finder settings, select boot icon. Choose "Boot using another operating system" and select the live DVD or the Live USB mass-storage. 
    • Reboot.


Tips : if a USB memory stick is inserted before booting, pressing F8 to interrupt the usual boot process will bring up a dialog giving the option to boot from the USB stick after all :)