Starting the GNU/Linux Debian installer


  • This page describes how to install a fresh GNU/Linux system on your computer. Do not read this page if you only intend to use the Live DVD in demonstration mode.
  • Before installing a new operating system, you should backup all your files on DVDs or fixed backup. Do not connect your backup to the computer during installation to avoid any accidental erase.
  • A free partition with at least 20Gb should be available.
  • Our installer is a Debian GNU/Linux installer. It is provided without liability or in countries which do not accept limited liabilities a maximum liability of 1€ as a total.
  • If you are not aware of GNU/Linux, please ask for help to friends or people with a good knowledge in GNU/Linux. A good way to learn GNU/Linux is to use the Live DVD in demo mode until you have sufficient knowledge. Do not install GNU/Linux directly without any support for "real" people.

Main installation steps

Make sure to connect to Internet using an ethernet cable. Do not use this installer using Wired networks, as your wifi card may not be recognized during installation. Without any wired connection to the Internet, do not performe an installation.

Insert live DVD and reboot. By default this is a QWERTY keyboard. Enter "installgui" to start the installation.

Choose your language:

Choose a language variant:

Choose your keyboard:

Your computer is being discovered:

To be written in more details...