Starting a live session, without installing

Insert the disc or the USB mass-storage in your computer and reboot. A Bios dialog is displayed:

Hit return or enter "live" to start a live session:

Your computer is being discovered, a lot of messages are being displayed:

The demo system is up and ready:

If you are not using an English/American QWERTY keyboard, select System menu, Preferences menu, Keyboards to setup your keyboard:

Click on Add to choose a Keyboard. When done, press Close.

 To start Kdenlive, choose Applications menu, Sound&Video menu, Kdenlive icon:

A wizard displays:

Choose your default camcorder standard:

Important: Disable audio and video thumbnails. Thumbnails are stored on disc and you don't have access to your computer disc. This will save memory.

Et voilà! You can now test kdenlive: