Virtualbox images

For testing purpose, we provide Virtualbox images.

The image includes:

  • 100 Gb virtual hard disc
  • A GNU/Linux Debian system
  • Virtual guest addition
  • Recent Kdenlive packages
  • A set of multimedia software

The images are provided in two flavours:

Kdenlive 64 bits guest

Use this guest if your system is installed with a 64bits host.

Do not install a 64bits guest in a 32 bits host. It will not work.

Kdenlive 32 bits guest

This version is in preparation. Stay tuned.


Visit and install Virtualbox from the download page:

If you are using GNU/Linux, Virtualbox is already part of most distributions.

Then run Virtualbox and select "Import virtual environment" from the file menu. Follow the wizard.

If you share a directory called "kdenlive" on the host, it will be visible on the guest.

After booting-up, go to System->Preferences->Keyboard and select a Keyboard compatible with your country.


Daily user: kdenlive(username)/kdenlive(password)
Administrative user: root(username)/kdenlive(password)


Virtualbox is not able to virtualize firewire ports. Therefore you will not be able to capture from your camcorder. You will be able to play DV and HDV files, not AVCHD. Be aware that this is only a demo package for demonstration of Kdenlive AND GNU/Linux. We do not think that running Kdenlive in a virtualbox is a suitable solution for daily work.