Dragging clips to the timeline

Now that you have some clips in your project, it is time to start editing them together into your dream video. There are two basic ways to add a clip to the timeline.

You can drag a clip directly from the project list. Select one of the clips that you have added to the project list, and drag it to the timeline. As soon as the mouse reaches a track, the clip will appear on the track. With this kind of drag, the entire duration of the clip is placed on the timeline. You can then edit the clip from the timeline.

The other way is to select a segment of a clip and then add this segment to the timeline. When you click on a clip in the project list, the Clip Monitor will automatically load the clip. You can then press Play on the Clip Monitor and get an idea of which bits of the clip you actually want on the timeline. Then, position the seek marker (Image:Seek_marker.jpg) to where you want your clip to start and click the "inpoint" button (Image:Inpoint.jpg). Move the cursor to where you want the clip to end, and click the "outpoint" button (Image:Outpoint.jpg). Finally, you can move this cut-down clip to the timeline by clicking the video screen on the Clip Monitor and, holding down the left mouse button, placing it in the desired point of the timeline. The selected zone between the in and out point will then appear there as a clip (to be more precise, a subclip as we've selected only a part of the original clip).

Choose your way and, to continue with the quickstart guide, be sure to move two clips (or subclips) to the timeline. One to Track #1 and the other to Track #2.