Rendering your work

At this point we are ready to render our project and see how it looks on our TV, PC, ... If you've followed the steps until now, your screen should look like this one:

You have a title clip in track #0 with a crossfade transition between it and the other clip in track #1. Another transition (this one made by you!) between this clip and the one in track #2 and a greyscale effect applied to this clip.

Now follow some steps to create a DVD with this project. With Kdenlive you'll be able to easily create a DVD video structure and burn it (if you have installed the program k3b). You will also add a simple menu with chapters and even with an intro movie if you like.

To create a DVD video, you can follow these steps:

- Select the menu option Render -> Export to DVD. - You'll be presented with a window to enter export details:


- In this screen you should enter the folder name where the DVD structure should be created and the DVD format (PAL/NTSC). Be sure that the option "Render file now" is selected.

As you can see, in this screen it's also possible to define the DVD chapters and also to create the DVD from an existing video file (.VOB), but for the moment we are not going to use these options. For further details see this page.

- Press the "Next" button. In the following dialog you can select to create a DVD menu or not. If you want to, check the "Create Menu" option and the rest of the data will be accessible.


You can choose to use a plain colored screen for your menu (click on the color box to select it), an image file or even a movie file (enter the path and name if selected). Also, you can define a pause between chapters if you have created such.

In the "Buttons" tab you can define the title text, font and size and the different colors for the button depending on status (not selected, selected, pressed).

In the "Intro" tab you can indicate a video file to be presented before the menu appears in the screen (like an introduction video).

- When you've entered data, press again the "Next" button. Kdenlive is now ready to generate the DVD using the program DvdAuthor. Click on "Generate DVD" to do so.


A message will appear telling you to continue working while the video is generated. You can see progress in the "Status Bar".

When the process is finished, you may choose to work with the generated DVD externally (you'll find the Audio & Video directories in the specified path) or return again to this screen by selecting menu option Render -> Export to DVD. If you decided to go on with Kdenlive, you'll have options to directly burn your video (using k3b), preview it (using Xine) or edit again the structure (using QDvdAuthor).

Congratulations! You've created your first video with Kdenlive. Enjoy it and continue reading to know more about this program and its advanced features.