Config Wizard

On the first run, a config wizard appears to guide the initial configuration process.

The wizard first inspects the version of MLT installed on the system. MLT is the engine which performs the heavy lifting in Kdenlive, so it is critical that the correct version of MLT is installed and working correctly.

MLT in turn relies on FFmpeg to handle various types of audiovisual material. The wizard displays the capabilities of the local FFmpeg installation, because this essentially determines the type of video material Kdenlive can handle.

Next, the default video profile is selected. The wizard suggests 1080p HDV high definition.

If your camera or computer are a little older, regular standard definition might be more suitable. Click the DV radio button to hide the high definition options and select an appropriate SD profile.

The additional settings panel presets some of the most important user interface options. Any of these can later be changed in the application preferences window.

Finally, checks are performed for several key third party tools. These may not be critical for your application, depending on the exact feature set you require from Kdenlive.

Once the wizard is complete, the main window appears.