Audio effects improvements in version 0.7.8

We added some basic audio channel manipulations. We have had a Mono to stereo, which basically copied the left channel to the right. This was expanded to allow copying right-to-left. In addition, now you can swap the left and right channels to correct stereo inversion using Swap channels.

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Next, we added Balance and Pan to affect the stereo "image." Both of these are keyframe-able. The difference is that Balance adjusts the apparent center, and Pan adjusts the left-right "position" of an individual channel.

Lastly, we fixed some of the SoX-based effects and removed some that were not fixable because either SoX removed them (Vibro) or they do not integrate well (Reverb and Pitch Shift) because they have time-related side effects.


Really looking forward to the new improvements in 0.7.8 and thanks for all the hard work.

One comment/feature request related to audio effects.

There are a couple of video and audio effects that generally go together, so it would be nice if they were linked. These are crossfade and fade in/out. In nearly all cases, one would want the audio and video to both cross fade or fade in/out simultaneously, and any adjustments to the fade time to be linked as well. Currently (correct me if I'm wrong) one has to separately add the video effect and then the audio effect, and any adjustments in timing, deleting the effect etc. must then likewise be done to each separately.

These two effects also happen to be arguably the most common effects used in editing, so the time savings achieved by linking them would be quite significant.

One approach would be to just have the video effect automatically include the corresponding linked audio effect. This behavior could maybe be toggled on/off in the effect control.

I agree, which is why I already linked Audio Fade In/Out with Video Fade to/from Black a few versions ago. However, it does this only after you manually add the Fade to/from Black. At the time, I did not feel confident to extend the fader controls from adding only an audio to filter to both audio and video filters from a change impact perspective. Now I see that adding a fade using the special fader control does seem to arbitrarily add only the audio filter. Why not video only or both? Except that using it to create an audio fade does not always mean that you want to fade to/from black. It can also be used to create an audio cross-fade where you need to add a video dissolve transition. You would not want to have to remove the automatically added fade to/from black when adding a dissolve. I think these ideas need some additional baking alongside the ideas of auto-compositing tracks and overlapping clips on a track.