Slideshow improvements coming in version 0.7.8

In addition to my work on MLT, I helped to add some things to Kdenlive. One of them is improvements in the Slideshow Clip. A lot of work to make this possible within MLT happened over the course of the year. The two main additions are: Center crop and Animation.

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These features make it very easy to create something like this video. (Not especially great photos, just a random folder on my system.)

Center crop automatically fills the output video frame with the images while maintaining their aspect ratio by cropping equal amounts from a pair of edges. Said another way, it removes the black bars that will appear when the photo orientation or aspect does not match the video's. Speaking of orientation, j-b-m added EXIF support to auto-rotate our digital photos. Yay!

Animation adds preset slow smooth pan and zoom effects also known as the Ken Burns Effect. The choices are rather limited due to this late feature addition, but you can choose no animation, pans only, zooms only, or a combination of pans and zooms. Each option also has a low pass filter to reduce the noise in the images that may occur during this operation. Low pass filtering is much slower, so you should preview without it, and then enable it to render.


Very impressive! This program has too incredible features...

Thanks Dan for your work on MLT (kdenlive's engine) and also on Kdenlive itself!!
Hope to see more work of yours in Kdenlive in future versions!

What I noticed is that the panning stops as soon as the new image fades in. I found this slightly distracting.
I'd also slow down panning over time (per image).
(Same for zoom)

You are not supposed to dis new feature announcements! It is basically impossible with the way this virtual clip works to make both images pan and zoom during a transition. It would basically require a complete rewrite of the slideshow virtual clip to be a slideshow generator that is loaded as a sub-project similar to the way kdenlive can add a project as a clip today.

As for the speed, it is easy to make it slower by simply setting the slide duration longer. I think I was going rather quickly through the slides in my example. It would be easy to expand the list of Animations for the next release to include small, medium, and large amounts of motion/zoom-scale. Then, when you have a short duration, you could set it to small.

Sorry Dan, I've chosen the wrong words. I didn't intend to dis it.
Regarding the speed effect, what I wanted to say (my brain is working correctly again after the holidays) is non-linear movement, e.g. slowing the movement down over time by a sine function to make it look more natural (at least that is what I hope it will look like).

I'm wondering, it seems like it would be possible to do a bit more customized slide shows by using this new feature, but then stringing multiple slide show clips together using the normal editing multi-track cross-fades etc. This way certain slides could have longer durations, different pan-zoom settings, etc. Will look forward to fooling around with it.

Anyway, thanks for this new feature, it's definitely one of my most wished for.

i would like know if anyone is interested to develop my script to do slideshow with kdenlive...i have tested on kdenlive 0.7.8

here it is

it's dolphin integrated but i have a prooblem with that .. anyway from terminal it works fine

yoou have to add your pictures with the service menu or create a file here

listoffile="$HOME/listoffilekdenliveautomatic.txt" ##paths files line by line

then run 2 TIMES 2 TIME because the first time it creates some stuff (you need of imagemagick to convert to pgm files... or you will get a crash xD )

./akw 5 1 PAL 1

5 second for picture
1 second of trasition
1 it's aspect ratio