We’re in Randa!

At the moment nearly the whole Kdenlive team is hacking in Randa, Switzerland, at the KDE Sprint 2011. Don’t believe it? Here is the proof:

(From left to right, ttill, xzhayon, j-b-m, Granjow.) So, as you can see, we are totally busy coding and writing the manual. The main activities are:

  • Big refactoring which will improve our code base in terms of maintainability and (for new coders) readability. We created a new branch for the refactoring. When refactoring is complete, we should also be able to write some automated tests.
  • User manual; we are now definitely moving to KDE Userbase which is based on MediaWiki (you all know this from Wikipedia). It will also simplify translation. The first version of the Quickstart tutorial is already online.
  • GIT will be our new version control system at KDE multimedia.

That’s it so far! We’ll go back coding now.
— Your Kdenlive developers


ace, great photo guys. Sounds very productive! Glad you're having fun.

Thank you! Yes, it is :)

xzhayon aka avilla ;)

It was so lovely to meet all of you! I hope this is the beginning of a long, beautiful friendship. :-)

Looking forward to all of the changes. All good things.
Awesome location to meet up.
Now I can put some faces to the names. 8)

hey guys nice to "see" you :)

any news from this meeting?


Scheduled for the 0.8.2 release ;)

and when is it happening? what are the news? :)