Widget layouts in kdenlive

You may probably have noticed that some additional widgets have been added to kdenlive recently. And you probably do not want your kdenlive to look like that:

(Notice that this is on a 1680×1050 screen. You absolutely don't want kdenlive to look like that on an even smaller screen.)

It wont … »

Layouts in kdenlive

In 0.7.9 our main developer, Jean-Baptiste (j-b-m), has added a new menu point to save and restore custom layouts:

This way you can use specialized layouts for different tasks, showing as few widgets as possible and as few as necessary, to maximize the available and usable space.

Some example layouts I am currently using:


Tuned for moving clips around, applying effects and transitions. The timeline is as long as possible, the monitors are at maximum size. Widgets shown:

  • Project/Clip/Record monitors
  • Project Tree
  • Effect Stack (you may also want to display the Effect List; I use to hide it when I already know which effects to use, and how they are called)
  • Transition
  • Notes (After rendering I usually take notes about details to improve, like: 2:54 → Show text longer or 4:20 → Color correction missing)


Since 0.7.9 will introduce audio scopes. This layout is, you guessed it, for making coffee. Please post your results below.

  • Monitors
  • Transition, Effect Stack (Audio effects want to be modified if e.g. clipping is detected)
  • Spectrogram (Will now highlight everything that is above the given maximum value! At least if you chose it to in the context menu.)
  • Audio Spectrum (Will now display the maximum of the past few samples for easier clipping detection! End of advertisments.)
  • Audio Signal (Shows volume of all available channels)

Colour Correction

You know that this just had to come if you have read my posts about colour correction.

  • Monitors
  • Transition, Effect Stack, Notes, Project Tree
  • All Colour Scopes


for reading, and thanks jb for cleaning up my mess ;)
— Simon A. Eugster (Granjow)


Very useful functionality, on par with other professional video editing apps. Great!!

I'd suggest a few things though:

- Include default shortcuts assigned to the first 10 layouts (perhaps Crtl + Shift + 1, 2, 3,..., 9, 0). If there doesn't exist so many layouts, then the corresponding shortcuts would do nothing.

- A combobox on the bottom of the screen (besides the tools) to quickly change from one layout to another without the need to go inside several submenus. (for those of you that don't like shortcuts, naturally).

- Include a submenu "Delete Layout" for deleting previously created user layouts. (Perhaps some default Layouts should be provided and be 'not erasable'.)

- Why don't we change the term 'widgets' and simply call them 'panels'. It sounds more intuitive to me.


Thanks Simon for this article. I just updated the layout stuff so that as suggested by gab3d, the layout loading can be added in the toolbar as a combobox.

Oh! great, that was fast!! :))
Thank you!

Having mucked up my default layout I can't get it back because I didn't save it. Perhaps default should be at 'Layout No. one'

Not sure how Kdenlive should know when you are at your default layout.
Anyways you might want to open a feature/tweak request in our bug tracker.

I love the widget layout, I think it is one of the best video editing apps I've ever seen. I have to get me a Mac laptop soon because Windows obviously don't have the graphics at all that I need.I heard that hhgregg sells Mac laptops. I need to do more research on these widgets.

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