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Just wanted to post a screenshot of Kdenlive's current development version that includes a great new feature: a Stop motion utility.
The only drawback is that this feature currently depends on a specific hardware to capture from HDMI. So how does it work?

It's very easy: just plug your camcorder or digital camera into the HDMI port of a Linux compatible capture card, and you get a live preview of the camcorder.
Click on the capture button to grab an image, you can also transparently overlay the last captured frame on the monitor to easily see the difference with current live feed.

So capture your frames, preview them with the built in preview feature and then click on the "Add sequence" button to add your animated stopmotion sequence to your project.
Read more in the full article …

This is still a work in progress, but starts to be useful, and I must say that HDMI capture looks great!
Currently, it is limited to still frames, but video capture should follow.

The new stopmotion utility is in the "Project" menu, under "Stopmotion animation".


you're so awesome!

thank you so much. this helps so many poepleqt the .

i was going to mention the qtgphoto project mentioned on the forum but i realized just now you're the one that mentioned it at first.

not sure it would ever integrate with the code but i'm crossing my fingers, just with the hdmi possibility i'm completely satisfied thoughe one.
now i just need to get a camcorder!

i used to have one, but then it was stolen and insurance replaced it with this shitty camcorder that only does mass storage :(

HDMI capture via Black Magic Intensity in Kdenlive. :-) Video capture to come. Uncompressed as well, looks like a good reason to invest in a 4 disk RAID. :-) Great News.

Is there a possibility of realtime / near realtime scopes with this for such as exposure monitoring etc?