Feature of the week in Kdenlive: backups

While working hard in Randa, I implemented a feature that will make everyone happy: automatic backup of your project file!

We had a few reports on the forum of broken project files that were not recoverable. This is not a frequent issue, but losing all the work you have done on a video editing project is not fun! So after a short discussion with the Kdenlive team, here it is!

With this feature, every time you save your project file, instead of overwriting the existing version, it will create a dated backup of the previous version. In the Project menu, you will now have an Open Backup File entry that will bring up the dialog pictured here.

In the backup dialog, you see a list of all backuped versions of your project file with a nice screenshot of the timeline at the time the backup was made. You can then open any of the backup file to recover a previous version.

This is in svn and will be part of the next Kdenlive release.

A big thank you to all the people who made the Randa Sprint possible and so enjoyable!


Very good idea !

But thinks that some corrupted files do not allow to be opened (It Crashes). In this case, it would not be possible to access the recovery window... May be, it should be possible to access it from a new empty project by selecting the corrupted one ?

Thank you for your job !

Well, I added a feature so that if the file cannot be opened in Kdenlive, it automatically opens the backup widget. Of course, if trying to open the file crashes Kdenlive, that's another story...

I will think about a way to access backup files from an empty project, thanks for the idea.

very good feature!
also, a timed backup would be helpful to prevent losing hours of work.

Mate, you've made my day :)

I must be on the very fringe of users for what I use Kdenlive for, but I've had this problem multiple times. (If you're wondering, I edit 3 hour lectures and split clips every time I want to change the shot size, using Pan&Zoom to zoom in. The result is hundreds and hundreds of clips, and it sometimes results in a corrupt program file).

I was looking at using git and some python to do backups for me but it looks like I won't have to, so thanks!

Just a question:
Do the backups all go in one file (resulting in a really big xml/kdenlive project file)? Or are they stored as separate files on the filesystem?

Thanks again :)

The backup feature creates a ".backup" folder in your project's folder, and then saves separate files called like:

Where "myproject" is the project name, "uniqueprojectid" is a unique project identificator, then date and time are appended.


This feature would come in handy to me many times in the past, I'm glad it's implemented,

If this feature have been appeared in 0.7.8, it would have been saved about five days of my life.

this would have saved me 3 hrs or work last night. i came here to see if anyone could patch together my file...... parently not. I'll just start over then.