Getting ready for Kdenlive 0.8.2

The release of Kdenlive 0.8.2 was slighlty delayed due to the discovery of a blocking issue that required last minute changes in MLT and Kdenlive.

I want to make sure that those changes don't cause regressions, so the idea is to ask users to test the latest Kdenlive development version (available for Ubuntu users on sunab's experimental repository). I am especially concerned about problems occuring when opening old Kdenlive project files.

Once we have some feedback and manage to fix a few remaining issues, we will release Kdenlive 0.8.2, which should hopefully happen around the 13th of august.

We are now in string freeze, so if you are interested to help translating Kdenlive in your language, get involved.

More informations about the changes in the soon to be released 0.8.2 version can be found on the Kdenlive 0.8.2 information page.

After that release, we will be moving to KDE's infrastructure to be part of KDE multimedia, and work on the refactoring branch to clean up the code and make it easier to understand / maintain / contribute.

For the Kdenlive team, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


Great news! Kdenlive will be a part of KDE multimedia: awesome. I'm really happy because this software must be known from everyone in the linux world. Congratulations =D !

Cool, now we just need a way to spread the word to us gnome users.

Hi, I would like to give the current devel version a try (have issues opening existing projects) but it requires mlt 0.7.4 and seems down atm (for a few days). Is Dan aware of this ?

Seems to be online again :)

I use 0.8.1 but there are two problems.
1) Kdenlive crash when i open a old project
2) In timeline many effect are not rendered. I see black in final video.

this is 20th,and you said that is going to happen around 13th or something, I'm mistaken! no

Things are not always predictable. Especially if you have only your spare time to work on stuff.
There are still some bugs that need to be fixed and unfortunately currently all developers are busy doing non Kdenlive work.

i agree with you, no one is able to code 24/24 by it would be better if they hadn't mentioned a date and just said : "it would happen soon"

Haha I agree. I'm really keen for the automatic backups feature. Will be very handy.

I don't want to sound upset though - you guys do an amazing job. Having come from a background in Adobe Premiere I found your product much faster, more capable, and generally more pleasing to spend my day working with. And it's all open source! If I could find a donate button I think I'd be using it :)


In version 0.8.1 when I use "Scale and Tilt" i have a problem.
Effect's preview is ok but when i render the video is black.

It would be cool if you could open a bug report on this!


any news for 0.8.2 version ? I have problem with rendering with my arch version (svn 20110722) - can't add a song to my film - and I cannot open my project with older versions...kind of stuck now.


i am kind of stuck as well, with a deadline for monday. i am reporting the bugs as i see them.

would you consider my request:

cheers and continue the good work.

Wait... this "news" is 3 months old? I guess, you shouldn't write "getting ready for 0.x.x" next time. :-)