Improving effects workflow in Kdenlive

First, I should say a big thank you to all the people that helped make our Fundraising campaign so successful, but more infos about that will come in the next days. It is anyways really motivating to see that you are supporting us!

On my side, I have been working on a rewrite of the Kdenlive's effect stack. This work has just been merged into master git, so users of sunab's experimental PPA will get it in the next update, probably in 1-2 days.

The highlights are:

  • Adjust parameters for several effects without switching between effects
  • Drag & drop effects from the effect stack to another clip or track
  • Create effect groups that can be saved or dropped to easily pass effects to another clip or track

I tested the new features for some time now, there are probably a few bugs, but it is really worth it in my opinion, So I am waiting for your feedback & bug reports. And here is a small video demonstrating the new effect stack (video link):

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


Excellent! I was wishing for something like this long ago. This will really improve the Kdenlive work flow. Kdenlive is maturing into an excellent video production tool. I am looking forward to the further developments that come out of the fundraising campaign.

Looking forward to trying this out j-b-m and learning of the development news/targets from the fund raising. Kind regards.

hi j-b-m

Trying out your new effect stack WIP.

A couple of things that come to mind and I hope you don't mind me suggesting these:

Currently a clip has to be 'selected and activated' on the time line [1 Click] and a double click done on the effect in the effect list [2 more Clicks] for it to appear in the effect stack, [3 Clicks To Activate an Effect] however the active strip doesn't necessarily relate to playhead position / currently previewed frame in the Project Monitor. They are not necessarily one and the same.

Working with effects is a visual process and we will be watching the effect altering the image in the preview seeing the result of sliding the parameters so it seems to make more sense to be able to:

1. Drag an effect from the Effect List, straight onto any clip on the timeline but most likely the one under the playhead regardless of whether the clip is 'active' this requires No Clicks vs 3 Clicks described above.

2. Drop an effect onto the Project Monitor window and therefore affect the clip being previewed where the playhead is which is quite likely to be the clip we wish to affect, regardless of whether the clip is active in the timeline and the playhead over the activated clip or not.

So to clarify, if I'm looking to add an effect it's going to be the one previewed in the Project Monitor ie: where the playhead is, that is not necessarily the 'active' clip on the timeline and don't quite see why I need to activate a clip first to apply an effect to it.

I understand this is WIP. :-) currently the Effect Stack entries don't adopt the color theme which makes them hard to read. :-)

Hi yellow,

Thanks for the feedback. Here are some thoughts:

1. Drag & drop an effect from the effect list onto a clip in timeline is already possible and makes the clip active, showing its effects in the effect stack. Is that what you are requesting in your 1st point?

2. Dropping an effect on the project monitor is an idea, but if several clips are composited, might be hard to know on which clip to apply the effect.

3. There was a problem with the effect stack colors when switching from one color theme to another that I just fixed but otherwise I don't see any problem with colors. Can you post a screenshot or explain which parts are not readable?


Great work, thanks!!
I think that some indentation on the grouped effects would be better to indicate which effects are in the group.


Thank you for your work! Now we need a nice gui for adjusting effect-keyframes easily :)

All I can say is that the KdenLive team ROCKS. This tool is becoming mainstream and many people are taking notice. The design is beautiful and functional.

THANKS to all working on this project.

I love this post.Thanks for this sharing.