Kdenlive 0.7 released

We are glad to announce the immediate release of Kdenlive 0.7

This is the first release of Kdenlive for KDE 4. Here is a quick list of improvements over the previous KDE 3 version:

  • Complete rewrite of the communication with the MLT video framework, which means a huge speedup in all timeline operations
  • Capture from different sources: DV, HDV, webcam and screen grab
  • Better KDE integration (notifications, job progress, Nepomuk annotations)
  • More effects and transitons (improved support for Freior)
  • Full undo support with history
  • Video rendering is now completely independant from main application, you can safely work while rendering
  • Initial support for Jog Shuttle devices

Kdenlive is currenlty translated in Czech, Dutch, Danish, Catalan, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

Download Kdenlive:
Source code and info about binary packages is available on our download page.

To compile Kdenlive, make sure to check our Installing from source page. The easiest way to compile Kdenlive is to use the Builder Wizard which compiles Kdenlive, MLT and FFmpeg in a few clicks.

For more information, please check our website:

Bugs can be reported at:

For user questions, check our forums and IRC channel:
IRC channel: #kdenlive on freenode


waiting for ubuntu packages :D

Great news!

Thanks for the great work JB! And all the rest of you - you know who you are :-)

A little detail I think is missing from the announcement, that might be of interest to the danes: Kdenlive is also translated into Danish in the release.

Looking forward to test this release. Could someone build .debs ?

... then you might want to check out the Kdenlive Builder Wizard at http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Kdenlive+Builder+Wizard?content=85826

Its not totally fool-proof, but tries its best :-)

(Disclaimer: I wrote it).


Mads Bondo Dydensborg

thanks a lot for this release.
I'm also looking forward for a ubuntu .deb, since I wasn't succesfull with compiling.

The best program of year!

Greatests Thanks!

waiting for ubuntu packages, super estatic!

I just installed Kdenlive on Mandriva 2009 and I must say you did a great job. Kdenlive is the first video editor for Linux that I really like. It's simple, looks great and works nicely. Thanks to all developers!

Very very good software, thanks for sharing it! Muchly appreciated.

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Great news and great software!
Thanks for this great work JB!

I am Danish, so thanks for Kdenlive's translation into Danish in the release.poker online

I'm using this version is very successful...

Thanks to you for timely updating and technical support. The program I use without small 3 years. Two times were changed by the system block, and both times, the author has rendered the technical help at program reinstallation.
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it is really a great work.
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i have used this and has been thouroughly impressed by the performance.graphics are nice too.

I found this page in Yahoo. This is great, I've been looking for an alternative to Corel Video Studio. I'll definitely be adding a Kdenlive review on my site.

KDE4 has really removed some of the flaws in KDE3 and it has additional advantages to the user interface. The time line buffering is really very nice. I love KDE versions than to adobe premiere.

Ryan harris