Kdenlive 0.8 released

We are proud to announce the release of Kdenlive 0.8. This new version brings several new features, including improved UI, proxy clips, audio monitoring, HDMI output, new effects and more.

As usual, Kdenlive benefits from the recent improvements in the MLT framework(version 0.7 is required) and Frei0r effects(version 1.3 is recommended) projects.

You can find a detailed list of changes on the Kdenlive 0.8 information page.

Update (2nd of May 2011):
MLT 0.7.2 was just released, all users are encouraged to upgrade.

Source code can be downloaded from our sourceforge page, and packages will be announced on our download page when available.

Support can be found in our forums and issues reported on our bugtracker.

We hope you will enjoy this release!

For the Kdenlive team:
Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


YEAH ! Coolest news i ever heard recently !

YAY thank you guys so much! ima gonna donate mid may when i get money. This release is pure bliss! Thanks sunab for the great ppa, j-b-m for the stop motion utility, and everyone else for the great work.


Dear kdenlive team,

just want to add another big Thank You! to all of you.
This release is a great step toward a 1.0 release - please take a rest now after your hard work.



A side note to all Ubuntu users:
On a fresh natty system I had to install libavformat-extra-52 to get proxy editing working, at least with the standard options (due to acodec=libmp3lame).

Great news!!! =)

A huge THANKS to all the developers of this amazing software: it's so powerful now! Kdenlive is a dream (come true) =)

Thank you for you hard work developing such impressive application! :)

Congrats to all Kdenlive devs and testers for this new release!

My wish for 0.9, a preview render for effects feature, discussed some while ago there:

This would greatly improve Kdenlive user experience when using effects. Even for simple ones, real-time preview drops frames and eventually becomes painfully slow with HD video or aging hardware.


Congratulation to all team. I've been using Kdenlive for a long time now and you've done a great job on this piece of software ! keep on !


I want to let everyone know that a new Mlt version 0.7.2 will be out within the next few days, and I strongly encourage everyone using Kdenlive 0.8 to upgrade (or notify distro package maintainer) to it as soon as it becomes available.