Kdenlive 0.9.4 released

We are finally releasing version 0.9.4 of the Kdenlive video editor after several delays.

This version fixes several bugs and crashes, all users are encouraged to upgrade. The source code can be downloaded from the KDE servers, packages for your distributions should hopefully be available soon. It is also recommended to use the latest version of the MLT framework (0.8.8) to get the recent bugfixes and improvements.

You will find detailled infos about the new features / fixes on our Kdenlive 0.9.4 info page.

Our efforts will now concentrate on merging the refactoring work started by Till Theato (as a result of our fundraising campain) , and cleaning the codebase to make it easier to evolve and integrate the future developments in the MLT video framework.

As usual, a big thank you to all those who helped us make this release better by giving us feedback and investigating the bugs they found.
You can check the Kdenlive online manual and forums for documentation and help.

For the Kdenlive team,

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


Congrats and Kudos to j-b-m and the entire Kdenlive team on the best release to date hands-down!

Thanks very much for remaining focused on bug fixing rather than new features for this release, also a huge thanks for supporting older KDE and QT4 versions with this release. Best of luck and continued success with the refactoring process.

Great Job!!! Awesome Work... Wonderful Application!!!

" Kdenlive can also now analyse an object's motion, and the result of this can be used as keyframes for a transition or an effect. For example, you can now have a title clip that follows an object."

How exactly do you do this?

I could generate some tracking information with the "Auto Mask". But how do you apply it to a title?

I just explained how to use the motion tracking feature in our manual:

Feel free to edit or ask me if my explanation is not clear.

Thanks to all of you!

In ver 0.9.4 there is a new menu item available from the effects in the effect stack - "create region" This is in addition to the Reset Effect, Create Group and Save Effect options that are part of 0.9.2

See screen shot

So what does "create region" do ? - so I can add it to the manual. If you select it you get a file dialog asking you to choose a file. But I dunno what sort of file it takes as input and what it to do with it.

The "Region" feature enables user to apply an effect to a part of a clip only. It is a really powerfull feature but currently the UI is not fully ready to get it's full potential.
Basically, you add an effect to a clip, for example "Sepia". Then, you go in the effect's menu, select "Create Region". This will now open a file dialog.

In that dialog, you need to point to an MLT clip with alpha transparency. This is where Kdenlive is not 100% ready because there are many ways we could create such clips using for example a threshold filter or rotoscoping. But as a start, let's say you can open any image with alpha transparency, or a title clip created with Kdenlive. Then, the "sepia" effect will only be applied on the non transparent areas of this "region" clip.

What is an MLT clip and how do I produce one?

"issue #1056 Remember window size/position and zoom in titler" is down as being fixed with a note saying "no change required "

I dunno about others but this issue has not been fixed. Your titler reverts to default size all the time for me at least. Not really a big deal. But the issue is not resolved.

Great job! Thank you j-b-m, thank you Kdenlive Team!

Wonderful work guys!!
I miss Kdenlive so much but alas can't get it to work properly on OSX :( I will return to the project one day!

MERCI - Thank you so much !!!

Thank you for this great software!!! +++++

Great to see development moving along on KDEnlive. I will back editing videos this spring and look forward to enjoying the improvements.

For the "create region", it would be nice to have an "Use clip's own alpha", see


The new version is quite good...satisfied after using it..

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