Kdenlive - latest developments

Here is a quick info on the features introduced in Kdenlive git since the release of Kdenlive

Audio Recording

Capture through MLT's avformat producer now supports audio only capture. It even works while playing the timeline, so that you can record a comment while viewing your project. You can see a screenshot of the updated capture widget.

Clip Jobs

A generic job framework was introduced, based on the proxy clip feature. Here are some of the consequences:

  • It means first that the proxy clip got some UI improvements. Progress of the proxy job is now shown in a small progress bar at the bottom of the clip thumbnail, so that the operation is not distrubing your workflow.
  • Then, the new job framework is intended to make it easier to introduce new operations on project clip, for example a new Extract zone feature allows to cut parts of a clip without re-encoding (using FFmpeg codec copy feature).
  • Another related feature is the introduction of clip analysis for some effects. For now, it is available in the "Sox Gain" effect that now has a "Normalize" button. This will trigger an analysis of the clip to find the best gain correction.
  • More jobs are expected to appear, for example the Stabilize feature could be ported to it.

Online services integration

A new Online Resource widget made its appearance, and allows you to easily browse and download resources from the web. Currently, two services are implemented:

  • The excellent Freesound free audio library allows you to search and import audio clips in a few clicks.
  • The great Open Clip Art library allows you to import graphic files.

That's all for now, but I am quite happy with those newly introduces features, after all those months spent fixing bugs for the last release.

Interested testers can get the current git version from sunab's experimental PPA, or through the Kdenlive Build script.

Next, we have to work on the refactoring suff to improve our existing code, make it more modular and easier to contribute.

Thanks for reading, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


All great news, thanks for posting an update!

How do you handle the licensing with Freesound? You need to know the license of the clips you import. Wouldn't be nice to ignore them.

Good point. Currently, when importing a clip from Freesound, Kdenlive adds a link to the sound page as description of the clip, so that you can keep track of that, but I don't think users will bother checking that page before using a sound.

Freesound's API allows to retrieve license info for a sound, so I think I will update the dialog so that the license appears when previewing a sound.

Clip Jobs - very nice feature!

congrats guys and happy new year.

i hope this will be a great one for kdenlive.

how long will this refactoring be? will it be painful? is there a roadmap for this year? what are your plans?

sorry for so many questions.

cheers :)

Hello Jean-Baptiste,

First happy new year.
This online integration is a great things, which shows the power of collaboration.


Hi Jean-Baptiste,

Many thanks for your great work.
Last weekend I've built my complete environment new from source.
The stability was never so good as today!
I think this should stay priority together with the compatibility to all other involved projects (MLT, libav..., x264).

Also many thanks to all other developers, contributors and Dan, if you read this!

Christian from Munich.

Every time I visit this website, I become aware of the current progress in technology, and it feels great.
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I always get impressed with the Kdenlive's latest developments, and just love to go through the website to keep in touch.
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