New web site

As you can see, we just updated the Kdenlive web site. Our goal is to have a collaborative web site which allows users to put content on it and helps finding useful information. We also hope that it will bring other people into the project, because help is always welcome!

Several features are planned for this web site:

* Better integration of the forum
* Improve online collaborative documentation
* Allow users to upload tutorials

These features will hopefully be available in the near future, but we are currently busy to get the Kdenlive 0.7 beta release out in time.


Hi there!

Congratulations on the new website - it looks beautiful, and will be a great first stop for new users / potential developers that 0.7's release is bound to bring.

I'm wondering if you're open to looking at updating the logo though? There's one possibility already on the forums at . For places that need a more square, visual only logo (like the favicon) you could just use the left hand "Play" button part.

All feedback, welcome!


I like the new website - I like Drupal in general, and for a community it's a great choice I think :)

Two comments:

In my Drupal installations one of the most useful modules is "pathauto" which makes the boring "/node/17" paths turn into nice paths automatically; for example this site would be (which is also far bettter for search engines :) ).

Also there's the markdown module which might also be interesting (markup which looks like the stuff we do in plain-text emails to make them look nicer and allows you to use html inline wherever you need to do something more complex).

... just wanted to share some experience :)

Best wishes

Drupal is great! I really like the picture reloaded theme. They should port every theme in the series into tableless.