Preparing for the new Kdenlive release

We are finally preparing the new Kdenlive release that should be out in 10 days (on the 19th of November). Many people are wondering what happened with our successful fundraising, so here is a first update: as it was clearly stated, the fundraising's goal was to clean up Kdenlive's base code. This will not produce immediate benefit for the user, but rather help us for future developments. The result of this refactoring has not yet been merged in Kdenlive's main tree, work will start after this release.

The last months were spent fixing important bugs that were discovered in Kdenlive 0.9.2 and also new issues that happened due to recent fixes in the video framework (MLT) that we use. Several small UI improvements and new features were also introduced as you will discover below. Users that want to help us can try the current development version (see our instructions for testing current development version) to give us feedback before the 19th of November release.

Here are some of the enhancements that will be available in next release:

Rewritten DVD Wizard

The DVD Wizard was mostly rewritten, now allowing 16:9 menus. It now also autodetects the format of your videos and proposes a trandcoding if it is necessary. In fact, you can now drop any video in the Wizard and just click transcode to get it in the correct DVD format.

DVD menus were also broken in the past versions, this should be fixed. While the menu creation remains very basic, you can now add a shadow to the menu's texts to make them look nicer.

Improved clip markers

The clip markers (comments that can be added and used for seeking in the clip) have been improved. You can now have several categories that show up in different colors. Markers can also now be imported and exported, and are compatible with Audacity's format.

Clip analysis feature

An exciting new feature is also introduced in this version: clip analysis. In short, we can have some MLT effects that analyse the clip and store the result for further use. The first usable cases are:
automatic scene detection: Kdenlive can now parse your clips to find the different scenes and add markers or cut the clip accordingly. The process is currently very slow but it's a start.
Improved motion tracking: Kdenlive can also now analyse an object's motion, and the result of this can be used as keyframes for a transition or an effect. For example, you can now have a title clip that follows an object (see small video demo below).
Of course, we also benefit from the fantastic work of developers working on FFmpeg, Frei0r and MLT (among others) that make all the video processing behind Kdenlive possible.

Don't hesitate to post feedback in our forums / bugtracker in the next 10 days so that we can make this release even better.
For the Kdenlive team, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


Cool. How about a short list which functions/parts should be tested especially? You know changes in MLT/Timeline ...

Yes, good point!

Some of the things that require testing (I will add more as it comes to my mind):

  • Creating a DVD with Kdenlive and burning it, then play in on TV (especially if the menu is 16:9 and you can play it on a 4:3 TV is not tested)
  • Try playing with composite and affine transition with clips from several sizes (SD clips in HD profiles, etc)
  • Grouped clips operations: move, undo / redo, etc

I thought a little bit about how regression testing could look like for a multimedia framework. So far, my only idea is to still do this manually, but at least to write down the individual tests, so thast there is a clear checklist what to check for.

Maybe the kdenlive wiki could be a support tool for the list of regression tests?

Alas, big thanks for your continuing work on kdenlive ... it introduced me to the world of video editing. I'm using kdenlive for all my dive video and dive instruction videos. Really big thanks for the software.

Dude, what you and everyone working on KDENlive do is absolutely awesome! I've used it for my interviews for the openSUSE Conference (a few weeks ago) and darn, kdenlive is just perfect for that. Every improvement just makes it better than perfect ;-)

Keep on hacking, this rocks!

This is really good news! I really appreciate what you do for video editing under Linux.

Thank you very much ! Your work is really great ! You are opening a lot of doors for GNU/Linux users ! Thank you again !

Still waiting for the new version :)

Sorry, I have to slightly delay the new release because of a few remaining bugs and lack of time. It should be ready by the 1st of december 2012, and no blu-ray support yet...

x-station's picture

A general plan for future versions support blu-ray?

First, I am very excited for the motion tracking! The potential for enhancing some of the techniques I have developed in Kdenlive for stop motion and timelapse is immense!

Second, Will the 'speed' effect be available on Slideshow clips in this next version?

And finally... Bump to all those previous props! KDENLIVE IS AWESOME! It's tough around the edges, but it's worth it many times over in the end. Thanks to all of you!

Thank you for the work to develop Kdenlive!
There is a new date for the next release of Kdenlive?

Good job


Hats off to JBM and the fellow devs!!

I've been camping out here and building from commit to commit for the last 2 weeks and it is SO great to see so many long running usability issues being solved one by one especially surrounding fades and clunky transport issues, If you guys continue like this I think the next release will be head and shoulders above all previous ones. Thanks for all the attention to the bug reports and keep up the great work!

All hail JBM!!!

"Improved motion tracking: Kdenlive can also now analyse an object's motion, and the result of this can be used as keyframes for a transition or an effect. For example, you can now have a title clip that follows an object"

How do you use this feature?

I am Mageia user and there games Versions freeze for Mageia 3 (this 2013 year release) and it will very disappointing for kdenlive users in Mageia to use one more year 0.9.2 release. :)

hey guys,

any news for the next release? and how about the refactoring?


Kden is the best open source software....!!!

Your work is really great ! You are opening a lot of doors for GNU/Linux users