Kdenlive 0.7.8: "On-Monitor" Effects

In previous versions of Kdenlive in some effects like pan & zoom and in the transitions Affine and Composite you had this little red rectangle to modify size and position.
For 0.7.8 I tried to make editing this type of parameter more convenient and efficient:
All the options previously available but hidden do now take most space in the effect stack.
The red rectangle disappeared therefore you can now drag and resize your item directly on the monitor.

Find out more in my blog post on "On-Monitor" Effects


This is a great feature that simplifies considerably the work: it is a clever and better approach to the work, not only more efficiently but also more precise and intuitive. Awesome and promising work, Kdenlive team =)

Agree 100%.
One of the most important changes to be seen in 0.7.8
I hope, spline trajectories between keyframes could be included in next releases.


Dan plans to get property animation (keyframability for all (?) effects) maybe by the end of this year. This should make it possible to switch between different interpolation methods.