Canon Vixia HV30

I do all my grabbing using this command line:

dvgrab --autosplit --format hdv --timestamp capture-

I use the HDV30P setting normally on the camcorder.

Kdenlive 0.7 works great with footage captured.  I have a dual-core which works okay,  but editing this footage makes me want a better dual-core or quad-core computer.  I'm also using Ubuntu 8.10.


Kdenlive 0.7.1 (today SVN) allows to acquire video transparently. This works great on my Canon HV20 camcorder. There was a little bug in Kdenlive 0.7, which was fixed lately. Kind regards, Jean-Michel

HV30 and HV20

Sometimes grabbing of the DV gets interupted and stops for no clear reason.

Grabbing of HDV seems to be fine. When the tape transitions to DV to HDV or HDV to DV there is an interuption. The best work flow is to keep different shooting settings on different tapes.

As an update, I now have updated to Kdenlive 0.7.8, Fedora14 and a quad core computer. In contrast to the prior dual core mentioned, this one can edit without any stuttering of audio or video on the timeline making it more pleasant to work with (although the dual core did get the job done). Mostly using the HDV (29.97 i) default format of the HV30 camera these days.