Supported camcorders

Kdenlive should support nearly all camcorders on the market. To add your camcorder in the list, register on Kdenlive's website and click Create Content -> Supported camcorder.

To make sure a camcorder is supported, the best way is to try a clip in Kdenlive (you can usually download some raw camcorder footage from the web).

Your collaboration will help developers to proof-test and enhance free software.

Camcorder Description Reported by
3CCD HandyCam DCR HC 1000E

That's my camcoder I use it since 2004, and use it with Kdenlive since 0.7

I don't know if it was supported befor because I used to use Kino to capture Video.

Since 0.7 (and a new Hardware) It works out of the box with a firewire 800 card, but there is some problems while capturing video. Sometimes sound is going too fast

60D canon workin fine

Works great with the videos straight from the camera Canon 60D

The vast majority of the videos on my YouTube channel with the 60D are captured and edited with kdenlive

AG-DVX100A bleuwinter

AHD-100 works also just fine

AVCCAM gjetter
AVCHD Camcorder Panasonic HDC-SD300

.MTS files are readable in kdenlive even not fluid and frames are corrupt often. Metadata from folder /PLAYLIST and /CLIPINF are not recognised at all - see below.

From the SD card's file structure written by the camcorder:



Bideokamara ieepa
camcorder john davies
Camcorder ouvradou
Camera Everio SD lenmar
Cameraaa rrbsk8
Camescope Sony Handycam DCR-PC4E Zeepnu
Camileo H20 andrej.aschenbrenner
Canon vitorsorano
Canon pbrstreetgang
CANON MV650i fleerink
Canon A620

just a stills camera but very nice video: M-JPEG, 848x480, 30fps .mov, PCM 64kbps, 8Hz...

Canon EOD 7D

EOS 7D share the same sensor and produce the same video clip as the EOS 550D. So please see page about the EOS 550D for details.

Canon EOS 550D

Also known as Rebel T2i. This DSLR takes video in Full HD, 1920x1080 25p.

Actually the height of the video clips is 1088 pixels, so when dropping a 550D clip on the timeline you

  • won’t have to do anything if you’re using MLT >= 0.5.8.
  • have to apply a crop effect and delete 8 pixels from the top or the bottom if you are using an earlier MLT version.

The rolling shutter problem known from its predecessor, 500D, has nearly disappeared. Shutter can be set manually from 1/30 s upto 1/1000 s (perhaps even more).

Canon EOS 5D MarkII

For details see the page about the EOS 550D.

Canon EOS 600D / T3i gimzo
Canon FS-100 jmpoure
Canon FS200 dep
Canon G12

This camera has a perfect support on Kdenlive. I could edit the footage without problems and Kdenlive run stable.

canon hd20 serotta19
Canon HF 200 g.marco
Canon HF S100 - MichaelNW MichaelNW
Canon HF100

Shoots 17mbps AVCHD (see: H264 video, AC3 audio in MPEG2-TS container, a la bluray)

Using FC10.


Canon HF100

After testing footage, it appears that .mts video streams from Canon HF 100 are supported. But we need more feedback from user to validate this camcorder. If you have an HF100, please report and provide footage.

Canon HF100 full HD AVCHD camcorder.

I'll upload some footage once I am outside this redicilous FTP blocking firewall.

Canon hf11

For benchmark, I used a dual core computer. Kdenlive profile: ATSC 30fps. Video footage shot in 30fps shows that software decoding is not fast enought to display all frames in real time. Also, there seem to be seek problems, which make the image sometimes garbage. This may not change with a quad-core computer. So I added "unsupported" to avoid any misinterpretation.

If you have a direct URL to some additional footage, please let me know answering this post. Please don't use Rapidshare, rather a direct link to your web space.

canon hg10

This HG10 by canon, I have two of them and want to believe in it, but I need help getting it into kdenlive and output my edit. Problems are cocnsistant.

Canon hg10

AVCHD seek problem. Kdenlive users reported problems.

Other footage:

Canon HG10

Seems to work just fine (using USA NTSC model of the camera). Latest Kdenlive/mlt/ffmpeg svn/git versions really speeds up processing a LOT compared to old releases, seeking/thumbnailing especially is infinitely faster than before.

Beware that the video this camera records is actually 1440x1080 not 1920x1080 like Canon claims. It has 1920x1080 sensor but that's meaningless since it doesn't save 1920x1080.

Canon HG21 phant0m
Canon HV 20

Kdnelive offers full support for Canon HV20:

  • Full frames: 1080/25p or 1080/30p.
  • Interlaced frames: 1080/50i or 1080/60i
Canon HV-30 IngeSv
Canon HV30 pseudyo
Canon Legria FS200

The aspect ratio is not recognized correctly (should be 16/9), looks like 4/3.


Kdenlive crashes upon adding some clips from this cam (see example file). Melt also crashes when called with such a clip as argument, resulting in a segmentation fault. Thus transcoding is required. Other clips from the same cam work, however. This applies to the version built on 2011-10-16 with the build script.

Canon Legria HFS100

MPX_1920x1080_24Mpbs.MTS 16M
FXP_1920x1080_17Mpbs.MTS 12M
XP+1440x1080_12Mpbs.MTS 7.5M
SP_1440x1080_7Mpbs.MTS 4.4M
LP_1440x1080_5Mpbs.MTS 3.6M

MPX_1920x1080_24Mpbs.mp4 4.2M

MPX_1920x1080_24Mpbs.ogg 2.0M

FFmpeg version 0.5-svn+3:0.svn20090303-1ubuntu6+patch~ppa3, Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-postproc --enable-swscale --enable-x11grab --extra-version=svn+3:0.svn20090303-1ubuntu6+patch~ppa3 --prefix=/usr --enable-avfilter --enable-avfilter-lavf --enable-libgsm --enable-libschroedinger --enable-libspeex --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-pthreads --disable-stripping --disable-vhook --enable-libxvid --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libfaac --enable-libx264 --enable-libdc1394 --enable-shared --disable-static

kdenlive --version
Qt: 4.5.1
KDE: 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2)
Kdenlive: 0.7.5

Canon LEGRIA M306 alexeynr
Canon MD120 PAL

DV can be captured from this Camera using KDENLIVE 0.7.5 and 0.7.6 via Firewire. It would appear that Kdenlive can not fully control the start and stop of the camera - which is why this is down as partial support.

Canon MiniDV


Kdenlive is  very nice and easy to use app, but, when you want to capture with Kdenlive you have only 1gb footage, so you must capture with dvgrab in command line, ( [dvgrab --timestamp --size 0 --format dv2 [your file name] ) , for having a complete file capture without cut (illimited file >10gb), it is possible to put the option in the menu for grabbing illimited file, will also be great to have possibilities to grab directly from the camcorder like "Focus FS-store4" storage systeme on a Notebook, command line is ( [dvgrab --noavc --timestamp --size 0 --format dv2 [your file name]), also prob with webcam capture, (no connection, my webcam is a Logitec STX), thank's for your great job.

I run with Ubuntu 8.10 64bit.

I now I ask a lot, sorry.

I am happy with this soft, it is a very good app.

Sorry for my english I am french speaking.


Canon MV330i Claudio
Canon MV940 tape camera Waraqa
Canon MVX-3i ceprk
Canon MVX100i

sudo@machine:~# dvgrab -debug all
Found AV/C device with GUID 0x000085000084213c
Capture Started
"dvgrab-007.dv": 10.30 MiB 75 frames timecode 00:00:07.06 date 2009.07.30 18:55:37
Capture Stopped

For an experiment, a DV clip recorded with Canon XH A1 was played on MVX100i too, the result is in file dvgrab-006.dv . To my best understanding, XH A1 allows to set "roll" ID which is hex "DEADFBEAF" in the case.

So far no attempts to use camera directly with kdenlive. I like capturing first, using later. ;)

Canon PowerShot A470

The audio and video is out of sync if the video is cut in kdenlive version on Ubuntu 9.10 64bit. You can work around this by using "Split Audio" then "Ungroup Clips" and moving the audio to the correct spot. I usually move the audio forward either a half a second or a full second. You can also not fast forward, or the audio will be more out of sync then it will be in the rendered file.

You can also work around the problem by exporting the full video with no cuts, then adding the rendered video to your project.

Canon Vixia HD FS10 shipp
Canon Vixia HF G10 1080 24p

I've only tested 1080 24p on this yet. IT supports 1080 60i as well as 2 other formats I am not familiar with.

CANON Vixia HF S11

The files seem to be playable with both melt and ffmpeg without a problem. However, in kdenlive, audio seems to get out of sync, especially when doing a number of cuttings. also, check .

Canon Vixia HF20

files play. Scrubbing is poor. If you trim the beginning off a clip, it renders as gray.

Canon Vixia HV30

I do all my grabbing using this command line:

dvgrab --autosplit --format hdv --timestamp capture-

I use the HDV30P setting normally on the camcorder.

Kdenlive 0.7 works great with footage captured.  I have a dual-core which works okay,  but editing this footage makes me want a better dual-core or quad-core computer.  I'm also using Ubuntu 8.10.

Canon XF105

works fine with the git version of ffmpeg and mlt (since 17/11/2012)

Tested on archlinux~

Canon XH A1

SD: 4:3 and 16:9 are received from the camera. See 4:3 footage (24.891M)
sudo@machine:~# dvgrab -debug all
Found AV/C device with GUID 0x00008500013041c9
Capture Started
"dvgrab-002.dv": 24.31 MiB 177 frames timecode 00:00:09.18 date 2009.07.30 18:45:04
Capture Stopped

(dvgrab 3.2, Ubuntu 8.x upgraded to 9.04, kernel 2.6.28-14-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Sat Jul 25 00:28:35 UTC 2009 i686.)

So far no attempts to use camera directly with kdenlive. I like capturing first, using later. ;)
So far no attempts to use anything beside 50i.

Canon XH A1

sudo@machine:~# dvgrab -f hdv
Found AV/C device with GUID 0x00008500013041c9
Capture Started
"dvgrab-003.m2t": 19.11 MiB 142 frames timecode 00:00:16.11 date 2009.07.30 18:34:21
Capture Stopped

(dvgrab 3.2, Ubuntu 8.x upgraded to 9.04, kernel 2.6.28-14-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Sat Jul 25 00:28:35 UTC 2009 i686.)

So far no attempts to use camera directly with kdenlive. I like capturing first, using later. ;)
So far no attempts to use anything beside 50i.

Canon XL H1a

I'm not sure what isn't supported. I can't see the timecode from the tape. Maybe that's normal. I've had no problem capturing with my on board firewire on my Asus m2npv-vm. I've got an X2 6000. I can edit like no sweat in Vegas. Kdenlive is a bit heavy. Maybe because the preview doesn't seem to drop frames - something to look into.

Canon XL-2 and GL-2

I am new to Linux Ubuntu and cannot capture with Kdenlive; I don't understand something very basic such as how to use the sudo command or whatever is necessary to be able to capture and connect with the camcorder.

Canon ZR800

This camera uses the miniDV tapes and can be uploaded to the computer using a firewire cable, a firewire port and the capture program built into kdenlive. Everything works without problems.

Canon ZR850

This camera records DV format.  I used dvgrab command line and have not tried the kdenlive capture features.  I set the camera sound to 16-bit/48K, which I view as a sligthly more standard setting. Most footage was in the NTSC Wide setting.  I have not had any problems using this footage with Kdenlive 0.7

Canon ZR900

Just starting to learn to use Kdenlive (been using Kino for years), but I've run a few tests and don't see any issues useing the Canon ZR900 with Kdenlive. Now I did run into issues with Kdenlive and live camera previews on my laptop (it has an nVidia M9600GS video card) - work around was to manualy set Kdenlive to use the X11 video driver in the playback settings (auto didn't work well in this case). Have to test my desktop with AMD HD6790 video card still (need to add a firewire card), but not forcasting any issues.

canon-mv-700 FrauBlucher
cause windows cant do it

Chicken Man

Absolute newbie to both *buntu and Kdenlive

Ian Chicken
Creative Vado HD

HD+ and HD recording modes save video as AVIs with 1280x720 H.264 video, ADPCM audio

Cyber-shot dwporter
D7000 casanegra
Dave T's camcorder David T
dcr-pc1000e marinus
DCR-SR32 Goups
DCR-TRV80E jerome
Digital 8 Camera lucarasp
Digital video camcoder vlada
Digital Video Camera Walt
DigitalCam Bobnutfield
DMC-GH2 goanna300

Movies seems to have audio/video synchronisation issues with kdenlive playback and rendered (version 0.7.8).
It can be seen when reading movie into kdenlive project's monitor because there have no video at the end but audio is still played during some seconds.
Rendered operation generates movies with the same issue.
Movies are well read with vlc.
With melt, the same issue appears.

Driver camcorder
DV Camcorder TFToto
DV Camcorder rsv869
EOS 550D g.marco
EOS-1D Mark IV

Video format is actually the H.264 AVC codec, with a .MOV file ending. Note: the video is not mine.

Everio GZ-HM550

Make sure to "switch off" x.v.Color (colorspace) in the cmacorder settings !!!

When importing into Kdenlive change the "clip Porperties" to "tick"=> "Full Luma Range"

Render with Mpeg-4 and you will get a smooth video.

I went though a lot of trouble to find this out. Have fun !!!

Good support

Import of clips into kdenlive works directly, but kdenlive does not detect 16:9 aspect ratio files and displays them as 4:3. For 16:9 aspect ratio, use the 'modder' tool to change the aspect ratio to 16:9 in the video files.

GoPro HD Hero

Manufacturer is GoPro. Camera model is HD Hero, actually HD Helmet Hero but the helmet just stands for helmet straps. Video format is h264 mp4 and audio format aac according to ffmpeg -i:

Stream #0.0(eng): Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 [PAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 59.94 tbr, 90k tbn, 119.88 tbc

Stream #0.1(eng): Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16

kdenlive build from svn against ffmpeg from git shows the h264 videos without problems.

Only problems I can think are using p60 video in slow motion mode for p30 output without loosing information and with a sound track streched to match the video.
Don't know how to do that yet.

GoPro Hero 5 Wide

GoPro Hero 5 Wide

Handycam Petros Palaistis
have Canon XL-2 and GL-2; I video New York 9/11 Truth meetings (for free) and other things; hope to be using the cameras commercially in future

a couple of questions that I have are:

1)Why did Google discontinue the free video uploads? I know the free hosting service was too good to be true, and I'm sure they started to become overwhelmed, but who got to them to stop the videos that were telling the truth when the mainstream news-fakers would not?

2)The image quality on these New York 9/11 Truth video uploads on Google was initially superb. However, after about 6 months, one morning I looked at them and saw that the video images had s significant degradation in image quality (had become pixelated). Was this because of bandwidth considerations of Google?

3)I've used Sony Vegas Pro and Windows Movie Maker on my Windows computer but, with my new Linux computer, I'm very anxious to learn Kdenlive and Avidemux. However, I cannot get past the first step of capturing, and saving, the mini DV AVI files and have been banging my head (figuratively) into the wall over the past couple of days trying to figure this out. If anyone could help me, it would be appreciated. My telephone # is: (973) 743-1973.

Robert B. Thorne, M.D.
(973) 743-1973

HD Cam Corder eurorob
HD2000 aandacooper

Playback works partially. There are artifacts, choppy picture, choppy sound and many other issues (on C2D T8300 - 2.6 GHz). Playback is slightly faster after applying patches against ffmpeg from here but there are still seeking problems, still frames or artifacts instead motion picture and so on. Patches was mentioned to give full support to similar camcoder called HDC-SD9, but it does not work with other Panasonic models.

From some other minior bugs is a loud 'buzz' after clicking pause button.

kdenlive 0.7.2 (rev 3051), mlt rev 135, ffmpeg rev 17028 + patches


HDD camera 30GB DCR SR62

The cam records in MPG2 with interlaced frames.

You have to choose HDV 1440x1080 60i as your Video Profile.

HDR SR 11e NitroDeluxe
HDR-HC3 tomtoom
HDR-HC7 komuta
HDR-HC7 cell21633
HDR-HC9 Stepan Roucka
HDR-SR5 feilong
HDR-SR7 jatuerk
HDSLR Nikon Eunice
hdv 1080i hball01
HXR-MC50E nicoduv
Ian Carter's Digital-8 camcorder IanCarter

Tested with kdenlive 0.7.3 and Kubuntu.

Works perfectly.

JVC Camcorder Bob Williams
JVC Digital Video Camera STACKY75
JVC Everio fredthefrenchy
JVC Everio mrColdFusion

The video sample can be downloaded 10 times. Can someone help me and host it on a better place?


Camera recording: XDCAM EX 1920x1080 35 Mbps (MPEG2 Long GOP) wrapped in .MP4 format.
Camera setting 1920x1080 p30 35 Mbps (MPEG2 Long GOP) .MP4 format.
Clips edited to mpeg2 format.


File extention : .MOD

Movie formats:

- ULTRA FIN : MPEG2-PS  720x576 - 8.5 MBits/s (VBR) - audio: AC3 - 48 KHz, 384 KBits/s

- FIN               : MPEG2-PS  720x576 - 5.5 MBits/s (VBR) - audio: AC3 - 48 KHz, 384 KBits/s

- NORMAL     : MPEG2-PS  720x576 - 4.2 MBits/s (VBR) - audio: AC3 - 48 KHz, 256 KBits/s

- ECO              : MPEG2-PS 352x288 - 1.5 MBits/s (VBR) - audio: AC3 - 48 KHz, 128 KBits/s





JVC Hard Disk Camcorder

Camcorder files play and edit OK but to get proper widescreen you need to force a pixel ratio of 1.42, unfortunately this needs to be done manually for each clip file loaded which is time consuming if you have a lot of clips.

jvc support rocco
Kodak EasyShare MAX Z990

Consumer-grade still camera with video capability.

Recording formats:

  • 1080p, 29.97fps, 20 Mbits
  • 720p, 29.97fps, 17.9 MBits
  • 480p 4:3, 29.97fps, 10 MBits
  • 352p 16:9, 29.97fps, 10 MBits ("Wide VGA")

Rated as having the best still image quality of all the low-cost digital cameras Kodak ever produced. Kodak has discontinued all their cameras, but you can still occasionally find this one on clearance sale (typically under USD$150.00).

While the Z990 can record video, it was designed as an low-end still camera, and the available video features reflect this. The sole user interface for recording video is a single, dedicated red button. Press it, video recording begins; press it again, video recording stops. It takes the camera about five seconds to begin recording after the button is pressed. While recording, auto-focus runs continuously, and you can zoom in and out. No other settings (exposure, white balance, etc.) are adjustable. Built-in stereo microphones on either side of the lens capture sound.

Camera accepts SD and SDHC cards formatted with the FAT-32 (vfat) filesystem. SDHC Class 6 or better should be used to record 1080p.

Uses 4 AA cells. NiMH cells peter out comparatively quickly. (The camera is occasionally sold bundled with four NiMH cells and a charger.)

Video files are encoded with H.264 in an MP4 container. Kdenlive 0.9.2 loads and recognizes the files without difficulty.

Kodak Zi6

The raw footage from the camera works flawlessly.

Kodak Zi8 colournoise
Legria FS200 fillods
Legria HFM32 piti
Legria HV40 fprumbau
Lumix TZ10

This camera records 1280 x 720px AVCHD Lite (MPEG-4/H.264) files.

Videos freeze near the end of playback but sound continues.


Works, but cannot play back at full speed. CPU usage is relatively low, it may not be multi threading. Note: the sample video is not mine.

Mr. grifon
My camcoeder mels
My camcorder isix
My camcorder analog num. dpatou
my Camera tuchino
MY HARDWARE odaibanet
Nikon D90

Learn more about total control over the (limited) possibilities of your D90 in this dvxuser thread.

The D90 videos show severe stairstepping. See this thread at They can be removed with the frei0r plugin d90stairsteppingfix (not yet available in frei0r 1.1; Compile frei0r from git instead if you absolutely need it already).

Sample images. Without filter (directly from the cam):

With the d90stairsteppingfix filter applied:

number 1 elviejomao
nv-gs27 zettberlin
NV-GS80 Papamdoum
nvda1 psteinmetz
Original footage racoon97

detected my cam automatically...

Panasonic 3 CCD PV-GS120 MiniDV camcorder

Absolutely perfect capturing from it's firewire port! On the other hand, Firewire compliance is the only thing that you really need to be concerned with and it worked perfectly.

Running Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit and dumping the video to my home built 840D Extreme Edition computer went without a hitch.

Panasonic AG-AC160AEJ 80686
Panasonic AG-HPX500 ENC-Cam

Uses P2 Cards with the following structure on each of them:
│   ├── AUDIO
│   │   ├── 00011S00.MXF
│   │   ├── 00011S01.MXF
│   │   ├── 00011S02.MXF
│   │   ├── 00011S03.MXF
│   │   ├── 0002DU00.MXF
│   │   ├── 0002DU01.MXF
│   │   ├── 0002DU02.MXF
│   │   └── 0002DU03.MXF
│   ├── CLIP
│   │   ├── 00011S.XML
│   │   └── 0002DU.XML
│   ├── ICON
│   │   ├── 00011S.BMP
│   │   └── 0002DU.BMP
│   ├── PROXY
│   ├── VIDEO
│   │   ├── 00011S.MXF
│   │   └── 0002DU.MXF
│   └── VOICE

The size of the video files MXF is 4GB maximum (several files till the end of the card is reached) and the audio files are a set of 4 files (channels PCM 16bit).
Video Format is DVCPROHD with yuv422p pixelformat.

My video was 1280x720 progressive with 50fps (720/50p), The camera can handle up to 1080/60i

Panasonic Camcorder nom001
Panasonic DMC-FZ28

ffmpeg says this about the sample:

Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from '/tmp/':
Duration: 00:00:08.00, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 24006 kb/s
Stream #0.0(eng): Video: mjpeg, yuvj420p, 1280x720, 30 tbr, 30 tbn, 30 tbc
Stream #0.1(eng): Audio: pcm_s16be, 16000 Hz, 1 channels, s16, 256 kb/s

Works really well with kdenlive. I'de recommend any mjpeg and progressive video shooting camera for Linux users since you'd avoid the AVCHD (t/c)rap. And why shoot interlaced video these days anyway, it's not like many people have interlacing displays or screens anymore...

The camera is a bit slow to focus and zoom is slow, microphone is not very good either, but it is a good buy anyway.

Panasonic DMC-TZ10 Clarimort
Panasonic HDC SD9 snijkerm
Panasonic HDC-SD9

Footage from this camcorder doesn't work in kdenlive correctly out-of-the-box, due to AVCHD issues in FFmpeg (problem handling field-based interlaced videos, problem with seeking in MPEG-TS streams and problem with detecting H.264 keyframes).

I posted a series of patches to FFmpeg mailing list, which add proper support for AVCHD videos. You can find the patch also in my reply to AVCHD playback and editing forum entry.

After applying the patch and compiling FFmpeg, AVCHD videos (both 1080p and 1080i) are working with kdenlive without a problem, therefore set the level to "Full support".

Panasonic HDC-SD900

Camera settings Full HD 1920x1080 p50 28 Mbps (AVCHD)
Computer CPU i7 2630m, 8 GB RAM
The original .mts clips edited to h.264-MPEG4 28 Mbps

Panasonic HDC-Z10000

The actual video format of this camera is "AVCHD 3D/Progressive" (AVCHD 2.0), the video stream format is H.264 MVC. As other programs like VLC, kdenlive loads, plays and edits this format without problems (backwards compatibility to AVCHD 1.0), but it handles only the left-eye view of the video due to lack of support for decoding H.264 MVC.
It is necessary to use separate tools to "split" the video stream in two, one for each view. These can be edited in kdenlive and rendered as i.e. anaglyph 3D or side-by-side.

Panasonic HX-WA10

Comsumer Camera
Standard resolution 1080p 30fps (note this this actually 29.97fps)
MP4 h264 clips
Has worked well with kdenlive for 6 months

Recently (2012-06-21) some frozen frames have appeared..see bug report

Recommend to use proxy clips as 1080p editing can be painfully slow even on good hardware

My proxy settings are:

-f mpegts -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab 128k -ar 48000 -vcodec mpeg2video -g 5 -deinterlace -s 960x540 -vb 8000k

which work well

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 americanjeff
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3

This is a compact digital camera with 1280x720 AVCHD lite and MJPEG recording capability. Its video files can be processed fairly well by kdenlive 0.7.8, although performance while seeking is kind of laggy, even on a quad-core computer. I hear that this is pretty typical for AVCHD lite source material. I don't have a video card capable of AVCHD lite acceleration installed, so I haven't tested that option. When using this camera's AHCHD lite files, I've noticed occasional artifacts during transitions. I'll get several rendered frames filled with garbage before the next clip kicks in. It doesn't seem to be very consistent... most transitions work fine. Because of these issues, I've taken to transcoding my source material to DV using ffmpeg's "-target dv" preset. Kdenlive performs flawlessly with the resulting raw DV files, and the resulting DVDs have adequate quality for my purposes.

Panasonic NV-DS-38 TiKaey
Panasonic NV-GS17 yoshi252
Panasonic NV-GS180

Kdenlive fully supports Panasonic NV-GS180 camcorders.

Panasonic NV-GS330

Support for Firewire but not for USB 2.0

Panasonic NV-GS400 with firewire has full control and imports video with no errors (export not tested) Solv
Panasonic NV-GS50

If you use Ubuntu, do not forget to type the following command:

sudo chmod 777 /dev/raw1394


Panasonic NV-GS90 battleshooter
Panasonic NV-GS90 (PAL) stevecnz
Panasonic NV-MX8 Lio
Panasonic P2 AG-HVX200E or A

The AG-HVX200E is a broadcast class camcorder.

Panasonic P2 MXF could not be imported into kdenlive (ffmpeg).

The AG-HVX200 combines a progressive native 16:9 HD 3CCD imaging system with a HD quality Leica Dicomar wide-angle zoom lens in a camera-recorder. This DVCPRO HD Camera Recorder P2 Cam provides 1080i/720p HD recording with the production-proven image quality of DVCPRO HD compression (video bit rate: 100 Mbps).

The DVCPRO HD codec uses intraframe compression, each frame stands on its own.

Also able to record Standard Definition in the DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV formats, the AG-HVX200 supports image creation from the entire DVCPRO family of equipment straight into the IT enviroment. (of course Apple...) The standards for 1080 and 576 signals support 50i and 25p and for the 720 standard P2 cam supports 25 and 50 in progressive mode.

Frame rate: variable 12/18/20/23/25/27/30/32/36/48/50fps

Recording Format: DCVPRO HD/DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO/DV selectable
Video Recording Signal:
1080/50i - 25p (all convert to 50i and record)
720/50p - 25P (all convert to 50P and record), 720/25p
576/50i - 25p mode (all convert to 50i and record)
Audio Recording Format: PCM digital recording 48 kHz/16bits; 4 ch (DVCPRO HD / DVCPRO 50); 2ch/4ch selectable (DVCPRO / DV)

Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz / Quantizing 16 bits / 4 ch
Frequency Characteristics: 20 Hz to 20kHz

Panasonic PV-DV900 Digital Camera/Recorder

Works in Linux without issues (OpenSuse)

Panasonic PV-GS300

Capture from this camera worked on a single-core AMD Athlon XP 2900+ with 1GB RAM using Kino.  Now that KDEnlive captures I am running on a dual-core Intel Pentium D w/ 1GB RAM and capture works here as well, but definitly seems to use a lot of CPU.

Panasonic SDR-S100

I believe the SDR-S100 was Panasonic's first foray into a flash-memory-only camcorder, mine being a North American NTSC unit recording MPEG2, 704x480 interlaced to an SD card (note: this unit can't accept the newer SDHC cards; the SDR-S150 that replaced it can). Note that the 704x480 aspect differs from the most-common NTSC DV format of 720x480. The audio is recorded as MPEG Layer 2, stereo, 48KHz sampling, constant bitrate of 256Kbps (as reported by Avidemux2). The output MPEG2 video is packaged in a ".mod" file container.

The SDR-S100's main claim to fame is its tiny size, 3 CCD imaging (1/6" 640K CCDs) and optical image stabilization. Make no mistake this is a tiny, tiny camera that predates the current crop of consumer-level microcams by a couple of years. However, to keep the size down, Panasonic saw fit to leave off an accessory/hot shoe and external mike and headphone jacks, severely limiting its functionality. That, and the U.S. street price of over $1,100 (over 860 Euros) made this camera very pricey for what you got. However, some review sites have given the SDR-S100 high marks for its image quality and for its pioneering use of the SD memory card as the primary (and only) storage medium.

Despite its limitations, the SDR-S100 is a useful little camera for applications/environments where larger cameras won't work. I can see this camera being modified as a "helmet cam" or perhaps being mounted externally to a race car to obtain those dramatic POV-style shots we all know and love. I personally use mine for nature footage while floating down southwestern U.S. rivers; the unit's small size allows me to handle the boat and shoot video at the same time with a lot less risk of capsizing the boat or dunking the camera.

I have successfully added my SDR-S100 clips into a working timeline, and rendered out usable video, using Kdenlive 0.7.x.

This model was superceded by the almost-identical SDR-S150; then the entire SDR-Sxx line seems to have died out; the nearest equivalent in a standard-def camera in Panasonic's current (Feb. 2009) lineup seems to be the SDR-S10, which has a much different form factor and much lower MSRP. In the same price range, however, you can now get a Hi-Def combo SDHC/HDD unit like the HDC-HS100.


Mr. Jump Cut
Panasonic SDR-S150

-video is saved in .mod and .moi files

-video format of PAL 16:9 anamorph footage - according to kdenlive - is mpeg2 video, mp2 audio, Fps: 25, Audio: 48000Hz Stereo, Size 704x576, therefore the pixel aspect is 16/11 (1.45)

-there is a tool to convert .mod files to .mpg with setting 16:9 flag discussed here  (German forum)

-modcopy converts .mod/.moi-files to .mpg

-english forum


Panasonic SDR-S7 hasp
Panosonic SDR-S10

All other footage on that account was also done on same camera, all that have a 4:3 ratio on the older verion of Kdenlive (the only editor I use, and my favorite, have tried all other editors on Linux that I have found, none compare!)...

Partial FireWire support

Partial FireWire support.
Start play camcorder but dropping connect!
OS: openSUSE Linux 11.4 M3

peterfc peterfc
Photocamera Ts pal
Pnasonic HDC-SD99

Works with all aviable formats on the camcorder, also the HD 1080 50p!

The only format I couldn't test are 3D Videos, because I don't have a 3D lense.

Pocket Camcorder yophotoman
Powershot G10

Please verify the video format.

type of video : . mov

codecs: avc1/sowt

Powershot G9

640 x 480 Works OK with kdenlive 0.7.0

PV-GS80 MiniDV alexis
RCA SteadyShot MiniDV CC9360

This camcorder is pretty old. I believe I bought it in the 90's. But it works fantastic with KDEnlive.

Robert Thorne's Canon XL-2, having problems capturing rbthorne
Samsung Digital Camcorder tre1121
Samsung DVD Camcorder VP-DX105 presidentucv
Samsung FullHD 1920x1080 honoluluhacker
Samsung HMX-H200BP


1.920 x 1.080 Pixel 50i
1.280 x 720 Pixel 50p
720 x 576 Pixel 50p

My uploaded footage is filmed with the timelapse-feature at 1.280 x 720 Pixel 50p

Samsung HMX-H204

video is choppy when played in kdenlive (on a quadcore processor), converting the clip helps. Video codec is h264, audio MP4A.

At the time of writing the english product pages are unavailable.

Samsung HMX-Q10

Consumer-grade camcorder with a fairly impressive feature list for the price (under USD$200.00 as of this writing).

Records in 1080/60i and 720/60p. Also records in 4:3 480/60p.

The camera's headline feature is a "SwitchGrip" feature, which automatically rotates the recorded image when the camera is turned upside down. This lets left-handers shoot with ease, but it has other advantages as well. The camera also has a pause feature, which lets you pause and resume recording without having to start a new file (this is apparently a big deal for a camera in this class).

Camera accepts SD and SDHC cards formatted with FAT-32 (vfat) filesystem. To avoid problems, use the camera's built-in function to format the filesystem on the cards; the camera won't recognize cards if the cluster size isn't set to what it's expecting. SDHC Class 6 or faster is required to shoot hi-def; the camera will stop recording and report an error if the card can't keep up.

Uses proprietary Li-Ion battery, which peters out in about 60-75 minutes.

Video files are encoded in H.264 in an MP4 container. Kdenlive 0.9.2 loads and recognizes the files without difficulty.

Samsung SC-D382

This camera is actually easier to operate with Kino or LiVES than with its physical controls. I understand that it is considered a lower-quality item, but I've been very pleased with the camcorder and its level of support in Linux video editors. Btw, its connectivity is only via IEEE3694 (Firewire), there's no USB connection.

Samsung SMX saxy

Now with version 0.7.5 of Kdenlive, this camcorder is now fully supported, no more issues with audio.

Sanyo FH1 and HD2000 audio issues

Audio doesn't seem to work.
Although reported (correctly) as "Advanced Audio Coding" in clip properties.
FYI this camera shoots in AVCHD 1080 PROGRESSIVE 60fps.

Sanyo Xacti Robert H. Alvarez
Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH1 Dual Camera / Camcorder Mylo
Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1010 Camcorder - 1080i - 4.0 MP - 10 x optical zoom christos kassianides
Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD700

audio AAC not supported

SDR-H50 nanolight
shorawitz HD Camcorder shorawitz
sony dgs
Sony komir2004

Just shot a friends wedding using it along with the NEX5 and the footage is great.

Sony Bloggie

Sony Camcorder petepage
sony camera rocco
Sony Camera HX5V supercow
Sony DCR HC30E supercow
Sony DCR-HC17E davidlamhauge
Sony DCR-HC23E panos
Sony DCR-HC24 MiniDV Camcorder McAviti
Sony DCR-HC47E kalb
Sony DCR-HC51 mhaubt
Sony DCR-PC5E jackderipper
Sony DCR-sr32 patslap
Sony DCR-TRV340, Full Support 1LordAnubis
Sony Digital Handycam Cobb Anderson
Sony DSC-T20

Currently unsupported because seeking is broken in FFmpeg (see issue 807 and issue 1226)

Sony DSR-45P

Capture was made with Final Cut 5.1 under Mac OS X.

The Quicktime file worked ok with kdenlive, except that the second audio (mono) channel was not easily accessible, and the timecode channel was not exploited. It looks like some bits of the audio have been cut, yielding clicks. To be investigated.

Sony DSR-PD170P

Using in Kubuntu 8.10. I need to boot with the camera turned on and plugged in for dvgrab to find the camera, but other than that it works perfectly.

Sony Handicam TR7000

This is a Digital8 Sony Handicam. It has a Firewire out socket but never had any accompanying software, it pre-dated home computer editing software.

Sony Handycam tjbill
Sony Handycam DCR-SR55 oggy
Sony Handycam DCR-HC21 oxygen
Sony Handycam HDR-SR5E p1ngu1n
Sony HD Leif Lieng
Sony HDR CX520 EOS
Sony HDR XR-500V

This is not my camcorder and this is not my .mts file.  I discovered the .mts file for this Sony HDR XR-500V camcorder here: .  The thread were it was posted is here:

I downloaded it and tested it with openSUSE-11.1 Linux with


where "pm" means packman packaged version.

I tested it on a

(1) Dell Studio 15 laptop (Intel dual core P8400 with 4GB RAM and ATI-Radeon-3450 graphics) and also an

(2) older desktop with 32-bit Athlon-2800+, 2GB RAM, and nVidia FX5200 (with openGL driver) and also an

(3) older desktop with 32-bit Athlon-1100+, 1GB RAM, and nVidia MX440 (with openGL driver).


 ffplay could play the raw mts file (mplayer could not) on all 3 PCs, although both video and audio stuttered playing the video/audio on the Athlon-1100.   I was able to drag the file into kdenlive project tree, mark the stop/end  in the clip monitor, and drag it into the timeline and then render.  The final rendered file was good. The P8400 was about 2.5x to 3x faster than the Athlon-2800+ and about 8x to 9x faster than the Athlon-1100+.  It took the Athlon-1100+ 6.0 minutes to render the raw .mts to an xvid4 format. 

One negative note (in an other wise successful operation), with the ffmpeg/mlt versions noted above, in the clip monitor the raw mts clip did not play well. But aside from that, it was ok.

Sony hdr-cd6

Seems to be supported by Kdenlive, as we can view and edit footage. If you own a Sony HDR-CD-6, please confirm.

Sony HDR-CX 100 jmpoure
Sony HDR-CX105E

I am successfully editing the raw .MTS files that this camera produces and am able to produce a beautiful looking DVD.

One problem is that the clip monitor has trouble rendering the clip when seeking, it often becomes completely garbled and is impossible to see where you are in the clip. (I have a feeling this is the MLT problem)?

Sony HDR-CX11

Back in spring 2009, the .mts files didn't even play with ffmpeg or mplayer or kdenlive. Now things seem a lot better, though I still haven't used the .mts as sources in kdenlive.

Sony HDR-CX520(V)E


mts or m2ts files can be imported to kdenlive and put into the timeline. But they are quite heavy for realtime preview in kdenlive 0.8.2 at Core i5 M560 CPU at 2,56GHz and 4 Gigs of RAM. So use of proxies is reasonoble.

AVCHD looks like well supported in timeline edit, trimming and rendering in standard KDENLIVE 0.8.2 and MLT 0.7.6 package

In mixed config KDENLIVE 0.8.2 + MLT 0.7.7 (looks like MLT was installed from SVN ppa but KDENLIVE fror RELEASE ppa) there I faced some issues - video is rendered OK, but sound in trimmed clips (scenes) has jitter and down pitch. No matter what output format is.

Sony HDR-SR11 dmitrix83

Playback struggles to keep up on my Phenom 9550 Quad-Core. Image also gets garbled every now and again indicating possible seek issues.

Sony HDR-UX19

Back in spring 2009, the .mts files didn't play with ffmpeg or mplayer or in kdenlive. Now things seem a whole lot better, but still haven't used the raw .mts file in kdenlive.

Sony HDR-XR105 Kowalski
Sony HDR-XR520 VE vpxavier
Sony HVR-V1E j-b-m
Sony HVR-Z1E

Capture is working great on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) and Kdenlive 0.7.3.

SONY NEX-5 mcdebugger
Sony PD1P lucio
Sony PDW-F350L

Full support of XDCAM HD format. SD output.


Full support, as shown using footage.

Sony TG1 or TG3 milanvora
sony tg3 Mohr
support for sanyo wh1 waterproof

Working with Ubuntu jaunty on a dual core 2.0 ghz 4Gb memorie. Kdenlive 0.7.4 created with the Builder v85826. All options (AVC-MP3-AAC) on. The program is workable. Sometimes an single clip in the timeline freezes than, I save the projectfile, close the program, startup the program and the clip is edtitable again?
Often I have to move my mouse to update the grafics of the program. Feels not reactive but it is.

Great program! I already enjoy it a lot. I'm not a programmer but if more info or testing is needed feel free to ask for my help.

Supported FullHD 1080i camera using SD and MemoryStick

This camera works great with kdenlive and Kubuntu. Just connect it to the computer with USB and copy the MTS files to your harddrive. Then import them into kdenlive. Remember to proxy the clips in kdenlive, otherwise the video editing will be a bit slow! I've been using the cam for about 2 years.

Some advantages for this camera is the wide angle lens that allows you to capture more of the scene and quite good low light capturing. I also like that the cam is small and easy to carry in a (larger) jacket pocket.

Cons are only stereo sound (no 5.1 sound), and (as always with cams) the still shots are crap.

Operating guide:

Some tests of the camera:

One of the tests:

Manufacturer's description:
Superior performance and superb image quality are assured with the Handycam® HDR-CX305 camcorder. Light and compact enough to take anywhere it offers Full HD (high definition) imaging, the latest optical technology plus a range of smart features exclusive to Sony, all designed to make capturing your precious memories in brilliant quality, easy and intuitive. Group shots and landscapes look just as you intended thanks to a wide angle lens and 12x optical zoom. There's plenty of internal storage too so you can shoot up to 6.5 hours of Full HD video on its 16GB of internal flash memory. Want to take still photos? A 7MP still camera gives great results without the need for a separate stills camera. Plus shooting in low light is made easier by the acclaimed Exmor R™ sensor.

Sweebo Camcorder Canon Sweebo

Recording is not very good. Play button seldom works...pauses the camcorder. Recording works sometimes but the image on the screen freezes while the recording occurs.

This camcorder on the same 64bit computer and Linux distro (ultimate edition 2.9) records and plays and rewinds etc. perfectly using LIVES.

Toshiba Camileo S10

- container: Quicktime MPEG-4 (.MOV)
- video: AVC (1440x1080) @ 29.97 fps
- audio: AAC 2 channels 48 kHz 128 kbps

Fully supported on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) and Kdenlive 0.7.3.

Toshiba Gigashot GSC-A40FE

Full HD 40 GB HDD Camera - Toshiba Gigashot GSC-A40FE

- *.mpg (rename to *.m2ts so more applications are likely to import the file)
- Format identifier: "TSBV" identifies the transport stream that contains self-encoded MPEG4-AVC/H.264 data and private data
- "Toshiba self-encoded H.264 TS" looks similar to HDMV "Blu-Ray A/V for read-only media (H.264 TS)"

- H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC)
- Format profile: Main Profile Level 4.1
- 29.97 frames/sec (NTSC - interlaced), 59.94 fields/sec, Top Field First (TFF)
- Toshiba video quality modes:
XQ: 1920x1080i (18 Mbps)
HQ: 1440x1080i (12 Mbps)
SP: 1440x1080i (9 Mbps)
- 1080i is stored as 1088i (last 8 black lines should be automatically cropped by using Kdenlive 0.7.8 + MLT 0.5.8 or greater versions)
- Video recording time:
XQ: 4h 40m
HQ: 7h 00m
SP: 9h 20m

- Dolby Digital Stereo Creator (AC-3), 384 kbps, 2 channels (stereo), 16-bit, 48 kHz


TRV25 MiniDV

Works out-of-the-box via firewire.

vaio Mohan
Video Hans Christian ...
Video camcorder jrbunion
VPC-CG20 masterbox
XDCAM PMW-EX3 ebgamer123