Sony HDR XR-500V

This is not my camcorder and this is not my .mts file.  I discovered the .mts file for this Sony HDR XR-500V camcorder here: .  The thread were it was posted is here:

I downloaded it and tested it with openSUSE-11.1 Linux with


where "pm" means packman packaged version.

I tested it on a

(1) Dell Studio 15 laptop (Intel dual core P8400 with 4GB RAM and ATI-Radeon-3450 graphics) and also an

(2) older desktop with 32-bit Athlon-2800+, 2GB RAM, and nVidia FX5200 (with openGL driver) and also an

(3) older desktop with 32-bit Athlon-1100+, 1GB RAM, and nVidia MX440 (with openGL driver).


 ffplay could play the raw mts file (mplayer could not) on all 3 PCs, although both video and audio stuttered playing the video/audio on the Athlon-1100.   I was able to drag the file into kdenlive project tree, mark the stop/end  in the clip monitor, and drag it into the timeline and then render.  The final rendered file was good. The P8400 was about 2.5x to 3x faster than the Athlon-2800+ and about 8x to 9x faster than the Athlon-1100+.  It took the Athlon-1100+ 6.0 minutes to render the raw .mts to an xvid4 format. 

One negative note (in an other wise successful operation), with the ffmpeg/mlt versions noted above, in the clip monitor the raw mts clip did not play well. But aside from that, it was ok.


Downgrading to partial support as AVCHD is in heavy development at FFmpeg. There are still seeking issues which may be solved in the next weeks.