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Latest News

Kdenlive – refactoring preview and news

We are very happy to announce the first AppImage of the next generation Kdenlive. We have been working since the first days of 2017 to cleanup and improve the architecture of Kdenlive’s code to make it more robust and clean. This also marked a move to QML for...

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Kdenlive 17.04.2 released

A minor release is out fixing a couple crashes in the titler and Affine transition as well as improving a Windows rendering issue. Note that all focus and energy are still on the timeline refactoring due for 17.08. Soon we will provide an AppImage version for testing,...

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Kdenlive 17.04.1 released

With the ongoing refactoring at full throttle a minor bug fix released with the ability to use VAAPI in transcoding and rendering by inserting a pre-parameter in you encoding profile (refer to commit and bug report for more info), a performance improvement and some...

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Meet us at Kdenlive café #17 and #18

Are you ready for the next 2 Kdenive cafés? During these new 2 hours meetings, we’ll check the status of the timeline refactoring and we’ll discuss the future of the Libre Video Editor Program. Bring your contribution and partecipate! We’ll meet on...

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Kdenlive 17.04 released

We release 17.04 with a redesigned profile selection dialog to make it easier to set screen size, framerate, and other parameters of your film. Now you can also play your video directly from the notification when rendering is finished. Some crashes that happened when...

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Kdenlive status update

Ever since the port to QT5/KF5 in 2015, Kdenlive has seen an increasing momentum to developing its full potential in being a stable and reliable video editing tool which the FLOSS community can use to create content and democratize communication. In 2016 the project...

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