Most distributions ship Kdenlive packages.
Check our documentation if you want do get a newer version of Kdenlive or compile manually.

Latest News

New Toolbox Section

We’ve added a new Toolbox section that has posts dedicated to new and improved functionality in Kdenlive. Check back regularily for...

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Kdenlive Café, 20th of september

Today we will start again our monthly Kdenlive Café after a summer pause. All interested users are invited to join in for this informal meeting. The Café will take place this tuesday, 20th of september 2016, at 9pm Central European Summer Time (CEST = UTC + 2), on our...

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Kdenlive 16.08.1 released

We are happy to announce a new dot release with some improvements and various fixes. We also celebrate some code  contribution from Harald Albrecht (TheDive0) hoping to see more devs joining our team. Improved Workflow   Persistent Directories Now Kdenlive...

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Kdenlive in Berlin

Kdenlive 16.08.0 was released a few weeks ago and we are now preparing the bugfix 16.08.1 release that will be tagged on the 5th of September. In the recent weeks I have not been able to spend much time on Kdenlive. Hopefully, in a few days I will be in Berlin for...

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Kdenlive 16.08.0 is here

Kdenlive 16.08.0 marks a milestone in the project’s history bringing it a step closer to becoming a full-fledged professional tool. The highlights of this release are: 3 Point Editing Insert or overwrite a timeline region with a clip region. Delete or lift...

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