Most distributions ship Kdenlive packages.
Check our documentation if you want do get a newer version of Kdenlive or compile manually.

Latest News

Kdenlive’s first bug squashing day

Kdenlive 16.12 will be released very soon, and we are trying to fix as many issues as possible. This is why we are organizing a Bug squashing day, this friday, 2nd of december 2016 between 9am and 5 pm (Central European Time – CET). Kdenlive needs you There are...

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Kdenlive Café #11 and #12 dates set

Mark in your agenda the dates for the next cafés: Café #11: November the 23rd at 21:00 CET Café #12: December the 14th at 21:00 CET The reference timezone is always the Central European Time zone CET,...

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Kdenlive presentation and news

Kdenlive live presentation I will make a presentation on Kdenlive next saturday, 19th of november 2016 in Toulouse at the “Capitole du Libre” event. The Kdenlive event will be at 16h30, and lots of other interesting conferences / workshops / boots will be...

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Choose the Café #11 and #12 dates

Time to choose the Kdenlive Café’s #11 and #12 dates:  Select the dates visiting this site: Note  that voting ends on the 6th of...

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Kdenlive packages available for testing

Getting the correct dependencies and up to date version of required libraries has always been a challenge for Kdenlive users. So we are pleased to announce that we now provide binary packages for download. These packages contain the latest Kdenlive development version...

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Next Kdenlive Café #10

Our monthly Kdenlive Café will take place this wednesday, 19th of October at 9pm (European summer time – UTC+2). You can meet us on to discuss about Kdenlive, and don’t hesitate to come by if you want to get involved in the project!

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