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Latest News

Kdenlive 18.04.1 released

While our team is working on the awaited refactoring, we still managed to add 2 small usability improvements in the 18.04.1. version. First the safe zone overlay was improved so you can now easily spot the center of your frame: Then we improved the default background...

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Kdenlive Paris sprint & LGM report

Before we start we would like to thank the KDE e.V. (travel and hosting support) and the Carrefour Numérique (workspace) for helping make this events happen. Paris Sprint 2018 From the 25th to the 29th of April, 5 members of our team had a sprint in Paris to focus on...

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After Sprint Café and new appointments

After the Sprint in Paris and the Workshop at the Libre Graphic Meeting, it’s time to move forward and to report what happened in the Kdenlive world during this intense week. To do it in a participated way, we imagined that the best option could be a Special...

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Kdenlive sprint news #1

Part of the Kdenlive team is currently meeting in Paris at the La cité des sciences e de l’industrie to improve the project. We’ve tackled several goals, starting with being together. The magic of this kind of project leads to situations where we work...

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Kdenlive in Paris

The next weeks will be exciting for Kdenlive! First, there is a Kdenlive sprint, that will take place in Paris from the 25th to the 29th of april. We are very proud to be hosted at the Carrefour Numérique in the Cité des Sciences, Paris. Our team will dedicate this...

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Kdenlive Café #27 and #28 – You can’t miss it

Timeline refactoring, new Pro features, packages for fast and easy install, Windows version and a bunch of other activities are happening in the Kdenlive world NOW! Be part of our growing community and bring your contribution to create the best video editor...

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