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GSoC’20 Progress: Week 7 and 8

Greetings! With the subtitle information, i.e., the text, the start and end points of each subtitle, being correctly stored in the abstract list model, I shifted my focus in these two weeks towards the UI development of subtitles in the timeline. First, to confirm...

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GSoC ’ 20 Progress: Week 5 and 6

Greetings! The Second Phase began with Week 5 of the coding period. The next two weeks involved debugging the previously written code and including necessary connections for it to work. For this, I made use of the signal - slot mechanism of the splendid framework that...

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GSoC ’ 20 Progress: Week 3 and 4

Greetings! The past two weeks did not see as much progress as I would have liked because of my university exams and evaluations. Now, let’s focus on the work that I could do before I got swamped with the academic work and term exams. I started the third week by...

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GSoC’ 20 Progress: Week 1 and 2 

Greetings! It's been two weeks since the coding period began and I would love to share with the community the progress I have made so far.  In the past two weeks, I focused on implementing a basic class for handling subtitles. First, I created a class called...

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Basic Subtitling Support in Kdenlive – GSoC ’20

Greetings to all! A month ago I was selected to participate as a student in Google Summer of Code with Kdenlive. The Community Bonding period is coming to an end and the coding period will soon commence.  In this post, I am going to talk about what the project is...

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Kdenlive Titler Tool Rewrite – An Update

Kdenlive’s Titler Tool rewrite began with GSoC 2019 and now I am happy to announce that we have an MLT producer which can play .qml files with animations! The producer is being now integrated in Kdenlive. These are the QML Animation types that are supported and tested...

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