Kdenlive information page

Kdenlive is a bugfix release that fixes several major issues with the 0.8.2 version, including several startup crashes. It was released on the 8th of december 2011.


  • Fix title text oultine transparency not working
  • Make titler window fit on smaller resolutions (1024x768)
  • Fix corruption when undoing and redoing a transition add + move
  • Fix possible crash in thumbnails
  • Fix possible crashes in clip transcoding and improve feedback when failing
  • Various small optimizations (unnecessary clip reloads)
  • Fix timecode widget hard to edit and sometimes giving random values
  • Workaround locale issue ahappening when system C locale and Qt's locale did not give the same numeric separator
  • Fix audio thumbnail concurrency issue
  • Fix various video thumbnails issues (don't load several times the same thumb, load all of them, ...)
  • Fix crash when opening a file dialog on KDE < 4.5
  • Fix various proxy issues (missing extension, concurrency, disabling broken proxy, ...)
  • Fix startup crash caused by invalid parsing of v4l data
  • Fix project tree disabled after loading some projects / creating new one
  • Fix corrupted timeline / monitor timecode
  • Fix search path for Luma files when missing

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