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Inside Kdenlive: How to fuzz a complex GUI application?

Introduction and approach Fuzz-testing, also called Fuzzing, is an essential tool inside the tool-box of software developers and testers. The idea is simple yet effective: simply throw a huge amount of random test inputs at the target program, until you manage to get...

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Ready to test?

If you followed Kdenlive's activity these last years, you know that we dedicated all our energy into a major code refactoring. During this period, which is not the most exciting since our first goal was to simply restore all the stable version's features, we were...

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Building and Distributing Kdenlive on Windows and Mac

Short story As a new year gift, you can now easily build Kdenlive on Windows, Mac, and of course Linux & BSD, fetching up-to-date dependencies thanks to KDE Craft package manager. You can simply download our latest builds... or for hacking & building yourself,...

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18.12.1 released

The first dot release of the 18.12 series is out with fixes and usability improvements. The most exiting change is the fix for audio capture when recording from screen or webcam, a handy feature for people doing video tutorials.You can now import keyframes...

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18.12 release and some news

18.12 releaseKdenlive 18.12 is out. In this version we have fixed some crashes and made some other improvements.  18.12 release notesBackport crash on image sequence import. Commit.Backport fix for titler text gradient. Commit.Add donation url to appdata....

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Bugsquashing Day

On the 2nd of December, the Kdenlive team will be having a bug squash day in preparation for the major refactoring release due in April 2019. This is a great opportunity for interested developers to participate in the project. The team has triaged hundreds...

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