Kdenlive: features and next Cafés

Our monthly Kdenlive Cafés (*) really helped us focusing the development on some awesome features. We now have a small team of really involved people that help us evolve towards the best free open source video editor for professionnals.

We have opened the poll for our next Café date selection, so if you want to meet us, add yourself to the list:

And to give you an idea of what we do these days, here is a video of the last feature added in git master: timeline preview.

Sometimes, you just have too much effects or transitions in your timeline to be able to play it in realtime (you can see on the video, it can only play 13 frames per seconds). This is where this new feature helps you: it pre-renders parts of the timeline so that they can be played in realtime. And you can continue working on other parts of the timeline while Kdenlive is working in the background for you.

More exciting news will come in the next months, so stay tuned and join us for the café!

(*) Kdenlive café is a two hour informal meetings on in channel #kdenlive

Kdenlive news

Next Kdenlive Café

Our next monthly IRC meeting will be this wednesday, 11th of May at 9.00pm (CET).
Feel free to join us on, channel #kdenlive.


Kdenlive 16.04.1 should be released tomorrow with several bugfixes.
MLT (the video framework behind Kdenlive) version 6.2.0 was also released recently, and we urge packagers to update to this new version since it fixes the longstanding titler crash issue in Kdenlive. This new MLT version also adds support for FFmpeg's libavfilter, which means that in the near future, Kdenlive should be able to use some of FFmpeg's filters.


Development on the master branch (which will become Kdenlive 16.08) continues, and we just finished implementing several editing improvements, enabling a much faster keyboard workflow. Native support for Krita images was also added.

Snapshot of the current development version

A rather busy month as you can see, and we hope to continue expanding the great community around Kdenlive, so feel free to join us on wednesday for the café!

Kdenlive: Café, release and development

In a few days, we are going to celebrate the release of Kdenlive 16.04.0.
If you are interested in the project, you are welcome to join us in the next Kdenlive café, a monthly IRC meeting for users and developers.

Next café will be this wednesday, the 20th of April at 09:00pm (CET time), on in channel #kdenlive.

*Ubuntu users can test our latest versions (stable 15.x, testing 16.04 and git master ) in our official PPA:

Also as a note to packagers, an important fix for a crash in the titler was recently committed to MLT's git master. A new version of MLT should be out in the next days.

Feature development continues as well, and an new OpenCV based Motion Tracker filter is currently being developed for a later release. Sample video below for some fun.

Extract from a video by Jeffrey Beach, Beachfront Productions (CC BY 3.0)

Enjoy and hope to meet you on wednesday for the café.

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

Next Kdenlive cafés

After our successful 4th edition of the Kdenlive café(*), we are preparing the next 2 meetings.
If you are interested to join us to discuss the future of Kdenlive, you are welcome.
Dates and times will be chosen this sunday, so add yourself to the date selection tool to get a chance to meet us:

Kdenlive 16.04 titler improvements : shadow, line and letter spacing, gradients.

(*) Kdenlive café is a two hour informal meetings on in channel #kdenlive

Hope to meet you there, your Kdenlive team!

Easy access to Kdenlive builds on *ubuntu

Hurrah, Launchpad now handles git, and can generate daily builds directly from this clone!
So ubuntu users now have 3 repositories to get the latest of Kdenlive:

As all these require Qt5/KF5, builds are activated for Wily (for some time) and Xenial (LTS to be released soon)... Live in the present ;)

This work is now owned by a team on Launchpad, you are welcome to join if you want to co-maintain the packages. I deleted my own unmaintained PPA, and invite users to switch to one of the above.

If daily builds are available on other distributions, maintainers are welcome to advertise their work on our wiki, and will be glad to relay the info here!

Happy testing and editing!

Kdenlive - preparing for the april release

We have been working hard over the last 4 months to prepare Kdenlive 16.04, that will be released with KDE Applications around the 20th of april. This release will brings many stability and usability improvements as well as dozens of new features. We are now entering feature freeze and will concentrate on fixing as many bugs as possible for the release.

New features in this release include:

  • Audio level meter integrated in monitor
  • Split view to compare an effect in timeline against original clip
  • Increase/decrease speed of a clip now also affects its audio
  • New Library feature allowing you to copy / paste sequences between projects
  • Improved titler allowing gradients and shadows

We will try to post some details soon about how to install the latest development version for those of you who want to help us test, debug and prepare this new version.

Meet us

This post is also an occasion to remind you that we will hold our 4th Kdenlive Café on IRC this friday, the 25th of March 2016 at 11am (CET time).

This will be another occasion for developers and users to meet, on #kdenlive channel.

We hope to meet some of you on that occasion!

Kdenlive's sprint report

Last week-end, Vincent and me met in Lausanne for a Kdenlive sprint. One of our goal was to merge Gurjot Singh Bhatti's GSoC work on curves for keyframes. This was more work than expected and we spent many hours trying fix the curves and make keyframes behave correctly. Not much time was left for sleep, but we still managed to get outside to make a group (!) picture in the woods above Lausanne.

The code is working and in git master but cannot be used yet - we want to make sure older projects convert properly to the new keyframe system before enabling it - hopefully in less than a week. Below is a small demo of the feature:

Currently, only 1 dimension parameters are supported, but we hope to extend this to the transitions for the 16.04 release, allowing to move and resize the video using smooth interpolation instead of the current linear way.

During our meeting, we also discussed several UI changes that were initiated at Randa 2015, and hope to make some progress on that for the april release.

Next friday, the 12th of february (at 11am CET time), the 3rd Kdenlive café will be an occasion to discuss and exchange about Kdenlive's developments and community.

Kdenlive: Café, Sprint and More

So following our poll, the next Kdenlive Café will happen on the following days:

Kdenlive Café #3: Friday, 12th of February, 11am (CET time)
Kdenlive Café #4: Friday, 25th of March, 11am (CET time)

This will be another occasion for developers and users to meet, on #kdenlive channel.
The other Kdenlive events are a Kdenlive coding sprint this week-end in Lausanne (Switzerland) where our small team will amongst other challenges try to merge the "curves in keyframes" feature.

And for the pleasure, here is a screenshot of Kdenlive's clip monitor where you can see several of the new features that are currently being worked on for the 16.04 release. The monitor looks a bit cluttered like this but it's just for the demo - everything is configurable.

You can see here:

  • New audio meter widget
  • Overlay of audio waveform at the bottom of the screen
  • Safe zone
  • On monitor toolbar allowing to zoom, switch fullscreen, seek to next marker, etc

More news will come this week-end from our coding sprint!

Next Kdenlive Cafés

We want to continue the great experience we had with the Kdenlive café, a
two hour informal meeting on in channel #kdenlive.

This is an opportunity for Kdenlive developers and users to exchange ideas, talk about how we want to see the Kdenlive project evolve and also discuss how you can help us on that way!

As was done last time, we will select dates and times for the next
two Cafés, so please add yourself to this date selection tool

On Sunday, the 24th of January 2016 we will close the date selection and
announce the third and fourth Café here, on and on the
Kdenlive mailing list.

The reference timezone is Central European Timezone (UTC+1).

Hope to see you there!

Kdenlive 15.12.1 released

The latest release of Kdenlive brings many bugfixes to the 15.12.0 version. More than 20 issues were fixed and we encourage all users to upgrade. You can find more details about the fixed issues in our information page.

Despite our lack of communication, the project is really active these days, with many new exciting features added to the master branch that will be released as Kdenlive 16.04.0. We will also make a small Kdenlive coding sprint at the end of this month!

Tomorrow morning, the second Kdenlive Café will happen at 10h00 UTC (11h00 CET), where users and developers can exchange.

If you like Kdenlive and want to support, don't hesitate to talk and blog about it, test it, report bugs, or meet us for a chat in the café.

You can also show your love by donating to the KDE project. The KDE community and project is supporting Kdenlive in many ways, by providing libraries, advices, organizing meetings, providing all the infrastructure and much more, allowing us to improve Kdenlive (almost) everyday!


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