This is the second service release of the 16.08 cycle with a total of 36 commits fixing many keyframe related problems as well as improvements to proxy clip rendering, user interface, workflow and compilation issues.

This cycle saw the launch of the Toolbox section of the website, a collection of posts covering in depth reviews of new and existing tools and features.



  1. Fix MLT Playlist proxying after recent proxy profile changes
  2. Fix proxy profiles to keep aspect ratio
  3. Fix broken keyframes on image/title clips
  4. Fix automatic playback of file with space in name
  5. Fix simplekeyframe effects (eg. blur) allowing keyframe one frame after end of clip after resize
  6. Change defaults for Color selection effect so that we don’t get a black screen at startup
  7. Fix “Make DocTools dep optional”
  8. Fix scalable application icon
  9. Make DocTools dep optional
  10. Warn about resize failure
  11. Don’t unnecessarily expand effect stack when unselecting a transition
  12. Fix several geometry effects broken on locale with comma separator (french, german,…)
  13. Fix importing library clip hanging with relative paths, improve error reporting
  14. Add the namespace to the appdata file
  15. Fix copy/paste of keyframes in transitions
  16. Add option to remove keyframes after cursor position
  17. Only allow importing position if keyframes have no width/height info
  18. Fix header
  19. Fix compilation
  20. Fix copy/paste of keyframes
  21. Fix several issues when editing an animation parameter in timeline (keyframes corruption)
  22. Fix disappearing keyframes in animated parameters (Transform effect and Composite+Transform transition)
  23. Fix keyframe type icons
  24. Fix incorrect initialization of Composite transition
  25. Fix crash when changing project fps while a clip was selected in timeline
  26. Slow motion clips: don’t mix clip state with strobe param from older project files
  27. Fix possible crash when closing a project or deleting a clip with subclips
  28. Fix some clip jobs incorrectly adding new clip
  29. Fix snapping when moving keyframe in effect stack
  30. Do not silently overwrite reversed clip
  31. Fix Recent regression – groups lost on project opening
  32. Fix clip monitor starting to play after drag
  33. Fix track effect added to wrong track
  34. Fix crash when changing project fps if timeline contains groups
  35. Fix groups on upper track disappearing when inserting a new track
  36. FIx proxy used for rendering when app started from home dir