The 16.12 release cycle brings the much requested Rotoscoping effect back and new effects, Library improvements, OGG render profile, UI fixes and as with every release much more stability.

This release marks the first step towards implementing Advanced Trimming Tools which will be introduced in 17.04. For that to happen we are starting a refactoring of the timeline making this feature easier to implement and preventing/fixing corruption issues.

If you want to support our work, please consider donating to KDE’s End of Year 2016 Fundraiser! (KDE provides some core libraries, all infrastructure and much more making Kdenlive possible).

Here are some of the highlights of the 16.12 release:


  • Allow custom cache folder. You can now define a custom folder per project to store temporary files. This can be useful if you want to store temporary files on another drive, and also if you want to easily move your project’s temporary files to another computer
  • Portable projects: to allow moving a project to another computer / drive, we now use relative paths for clips that are inside the project’s directory. So if your source clips are in the same folder as your kdenlive project file (or in subfolders), you can simply move/copy the directory and the project should open without any change.


  • When you (re) use the same image sequence clip, title clip, or even color clip multiple times in the same libary clip, such image sequences and titles now will only be added once to your project bin. (See also our Toolbox post on Library Clips with Image Sequences, Titles, and Color Clips.)
  • The way Kdenlive expands library clips containing multiple tracks should be working more intuitively now:
    • Place the library clip on the topmost track, it will be expanded down from there when multiple tracks are required. If there aren’t enough tracks below, yet there are enough tracks when also taking the tracks above into account, then Kdenlive will shuffle everthing upwards so it fits into the space.
    • Also, Kdenlive now correctly expands clips immediately below a transition. Before, it was reporting an error, which now has been corrected.
    • Error reporting has been improved in general for expanding library clips, please see also our Toolbox post on Copy & Paste Between Projects.


  • Rotoscoping effect
  • Added a UI for LUT3D effect
  • Added tripod parameter to vidstab
  • Improved motion tracker


  • Added OGG render profile

User interface

  • Download render profiles, wipes and title templates directly from the interface.


  • Added a context menu option to directly extract single frames to the project bin. See also our Toolbox post Extract Frame to Project for more details and instructions.
  • Added new configuration option for automatically raising the properties pane when selecting certain timeline elements (Toolbox post with details and instructions).
  • A new status bar toggle button that controls whether newly created transitions will be automatic or non-automatic. Automatic transitions move and adjust with the clip they are corresponding with. Pasting transitions now correctly pastes also the automatic property from the clipboard.
  • Added context menu to set icon size in timeline.
  • The user interface now defaults to the Breeze dark theme.


  • 16.12 AppImage and snap packages will be available very soon, check our Download page for instructions.

Two known issues have been discovered after code freeze but have been fixed in git and will be available in 16.12.1 release due in January 2017.

  1. Project bin disappears when changing project frame rate (bug #373534)
  2. Timeline guides cannot be edited (bug #373468)

Bug fixes in Kdenlive 16.12

  • Remove duplicate margin + extra widget. Commit.
  • Fix signal/slot. Commit.
  • Fix cancel/getpreview sound. Commit.
  • * Fix crash on resize clip after removing keyframe effect. Commit.
  • Fix split audio only working on first audio track on non automatic split mode. Commit.
  • Add option in monitor options menu to display zoom toolbar. Commit. Fixes bug #371871
  • Fix broken generators (mimetype not added on non KDE Desktop). Commit. Fixes bug #371798
  • Use updated KDE Store category to download lumas. Commit.
  • Fix the label of the progress dialog when loading a new project. Commit. Fixes bug #369211
  • Remove gcc warnings. Commit.
  • Fix clip loading on windows. Commit.
  • Fix startup on windows. Commit.
  • Downloadable Title templates and render profiles are back online, thanks to the KDE Store. Commit.
  • Add const’. Commit.
  • Don’t execute code if we cancel savefile dialogbox. Commit.
  • Fix crash when searching for missing clips, correctly look for missing playlists and clear effectstack when transition is unselected. Commit.
  • Ctrl+Mouse Wheel now zooms on mouse position. Commit. Fixes bug #369198
  • Make sure the document has a valid id on opening. Commit.
  • Disable stem audio export if export audio is disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #102591
  • Fix black frame at end when rendering full project. Commit. See bug #373072
  • Fix bug in ungroup (locked clip ). Commit.
  • Fix crash when closing a document that was still creating thumbs. Commit.
  • Remove unused QLocale declarations. Commit.
  • Move ‘Tracks’ menus from Project to Timeline. Commit. Fixes bug #359216
  • Fix dissolve in slideshow clips broken. Commit. Fixes bug #370337
  • Don’t check for missing resources in playlist if producer does not use a real file (like counter, noise, …). Commit.
  • Fix monitor scene not adapting to zoom (rotoscoping, composite, …). Commit. Fixes bug #373113
  • Fix button position. Commit.
  • Fix many issues with volume keyframes. Commit.
  • Reloading a playlist clip in a project now checks for missing files in it and allows fixing. Commit.
  • Fix error in previous commit. Commit.
  • When adding a playlist clip in a project, check for missing files inside it. Commit.
  • Fix several issues with effect keyframes behaving incorrectly. Commit.
  • Fix timeline corruption when moving a clip by very small offset. Commit.
  • Fix error, we don’t need to create new local variable. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate margin. Commit.
  • Cleanup ogg profile. Commit.
  • Several First run wizard fixes:. Commit. Fixes bug #372867
  • Remove duplicate margin. Commit.
  • Fix render sometimes incorrectly using proxies. Commit. See bug #371064
  • Fix razor icon disappearing after first cut. Commit.
  • Display warning when rendering using proxy clipy. Commit. See bug #372660
  • Fix moving tmp data when changing project tmp folder, fix location of global tmp data in widget when using custom location in current project. Commit.
  • Fix random keyframe type when adding composite & transform transition. Commit.
  • Fix error preventing setting an interlaced default project profile. Commit. See bug #372588
  • Do not cache supported codecs / formats. Commit.
  • Fix missing codec detection in render widget. Commit.
  • Fix undo grouping broken. Commit. See bug #370653
  • Fix ungrouped clips not saved. Commit. See bug #372020
  • Use breeze dark color theme on first start if available and default theme is breeze. Commit. See bug #346608
  • * Fix moving keyframe moves parent clip. Commit.
  • Fix default path for titles. Commit.
  • Fix rendering crash on finish. Commit. See bug #371478
  • Fix error message (cannot create directory) when opening archived project. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect Url handling in archive feature. Commit. See bug #367705
  • Fix screenshot link in appstream metadata. Commit.
  • Fix path corruption on clip reload. Commit. See bug #371965
  • Fix unwanted vertical scrolling. Commit. Fixes bug #371982
  • Fix various regressions introduced with project folder change. Commit. See bug #371965
  • Fix blank screen on movit pause. Commit. See bug #371926
  • Use relative path in .mlt files created by clip jobs. Commit.
  • Cleanup. Commit.
  • * timeline toolbar: add context menu to set icon size. Commit.
  • Allow setting custom config file with –config option. Commit.
  • * First steps towards using custom project folder to store tmp data (wip). Commit.
  • Add ogg render profile, disable quality when required, patch by alcinos. Commit. Code review #129241
  • Revert recent commit causing startup crashes. Commit. See bug #371252
  • Improve some effect names, capitalize first letter, patch by alcinos. Commit. Code review #129218
  • Fix CPU usage when idle. Commit.
  • Add proper UI for lut3d effect (avfilter), patch by alcinos. Commit. Code review #129145
  • Attempt to fix QOffscreenSurface thread crash. Commit. See bug #357674
  • Library widget: accept drops from Project Bin and Clip monitor. Commit.
  • Add tripod parameter to vidstab. Commit. Fixes bug #370360
  • Fix corrution when moving several clips (introduced in recent refactoring). Commit.
  • Remember track effect state when disabling timeline effects. Commit. Fixes bug #368245
  • Fix scalable application icon. Commit.
  • Refactoring: continue moving tool functions out of customtrackview. Commit.
  • Updates for rolling trim: fix split view sometimes not working. Commit.
  • Some trim progress. Ctrl+T enters trim mode and cycles through the different modes (ripple, roll, …). Commit.
  • Fix auto transition icon coloring. Commit.
  • Ensure we always have a keyframe at the end of a transition when resizing it to avoid artifacts. Commit. See bug #369479
  • Rename “Unset/Clear preview zone to Remove…”. Commit. Code review #129056. Fixes bug #367448
  • Fix duplicate producers created on library import, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #129034
  • Library: improve playlist expansion, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #129023
  • Reintroduce the much requested rotoscoping effect, now ported to qml. Commit.
  • Basic work to prepare rotoscoping porting. Commit.
  • Allow proxy clips for slideshows. Commit. Fixes bug #369243
  • Make raising effect/transition properties panel configurable, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #129000
  • Rolling edit can now be triggered by selecting a timeline clip. Commit.
  • Add new timeline action: Remove space from all tracks that works if there are grouped clips. Commit. See bug #369123
  • Various fixes for motion tracker. Commit.
  • Use original clip, not proxy when extracting clip frame, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #128937
  • New: Extract frame to project, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #128929
  • Fix missing css style attribute in auto transition icons. Commit. Code review #128928
  • Automatically proxy playlist if enabled. Commit. Fixes bug #368802
  • Fix proxied playlist clips incorrectly detected as AV clips on document opening. Commit. See bug #368802
  • Improve opacity widget and add size control in animated keyframe widget. Commit.
  • Add deselect option, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #128923
  • Support file size display in clip properties display, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #128921
  • Fix deletion of source clip when using new speed clip job, add safeguard. Commit. Fixes bug #368836
  • Add missing icons. Commit.
  • Allow defining automatic property of transitions, patch by Harald Albrecht. Commit. Code review #128879
  • Update “Reverse Clip” Bin job to handle any speed. Commit. See bug #368681
  • Fix Recent regression – groups lost on project opening. Commit. Fixes bug #368342
  • Fix compilation with gcc6, the code was comparing a char* and a QChar. Commit.
  • Add action to remove all preview zones. Commit.
  • Move timeline cursor after insert point when using insert zone in timeline. Commit.
  • Fix crash on rotoscoping, effect still need porting to qml to be usable. Commit.
  • Add scriptable methods to add a bin/timeline clip and effect. Commit.
  • Bump master git version. Commit.
  • Update appstream path to use ECM variable. Commit.
  • Use path from KDE_INSTALL_METAINFO variable for appstream path to pick up new directory name. Commit.
  • Fixes and updates preparing the new qtblend transition/effect. Commit.