The second maintenance release of the 16.12 series is out, part of KDE Applications 16.12.2.

This release fixes startup crashes with some graphic cards, as well as some fixes to MOVIT (GPU effect processing) and minor stability issues. The Appimage version as well as our PPA’s were updated, check our download section for instructions. An updated Windows version will be released in the next days. This is a relatively small update since all our efforts are currently focused on the timeline refactoring branch which will bring professional grade new features and more stability. Stay tuned for more news!

On the community side of news our official G+ channel just reached 500 members and we have seen an increase in our Microsoft Windows userbase after our alpha release.


  • Project archiving: fix color clips incorrectly detected and warn before overwriting project file. Commit.
  • Fix crash on razor with multiple clips selected. Commit. Fixes bug #376082
  • Workaround timeline crash caused by now fixed MLT issue (could be triggered by editing a title clip):. Commit.
  • Fix various aspect ratio issues and transparency of composite transition in some cases. Commit.
  • Add option to add custom mime types for allowed clips. Commit. See bug #364269
  • Fix title clip items need to be selected twice before allowing move. Commit.
  • Fix crash when opening titler with movit GPU. Commit.
  • Fix play action not pausing when switching between subclips. Commit.
  • Fix playing Zone breaks monitor ruler length. Commit. Fixes bug #375163
  • Fix typo breaking playlist clip expand. Commit.
  • Fix extract frame not remembering folder. Commit.
  • Fix NVIDIA crash with GPU accel (movit). Commit.
  • Revert “Fix warning about QOffscreenSurface thread”. Commit. See bug #375094
  • Fix slideshow clips displayed as invalid when re-opening project. Commit. Fixes bug #374916
  • Update copyright, update authors and mention FFmpeg in about data. Commit.
  • Fixes cppcheck error:. Commit.
  • Fixes cppcheck warning:. Commit.
  • Fixes cppcheck warning:. Commit.
  • Fixes cppcheck warning:. Commit.
  • Fixes cppcheck error:. Commit.