The last release of the 16.12 branch brings a few, but important improvements, like fixing a couple of crashes and avoiding a possible corruption as well as a overnight render bug along with other minor stability improvements. All in all 16.12 was a great release and the best is still to come.

We continue our focused effort in the timeline refactoring which will bring professional grade tools, stay tuned for more info on that soon!

Bug fixes:

  • Fix crash & corruption on dragging multiple clips in timeline, fix thread warning on monitor refresh. Commit.
  • Avoid possible profile corruption with xml producer. Commit. See bug #371189
  • Avoid relying on xml to clone a clip. Commit. See bug #377255
  • Src/dvdwizard/dvdwizardmenu.cpp: do not show “grid” in output. Commit. Fixes bug #377256
  • Src/dvdwizard/dvdwizard.cpp: fix file loading in slotLoad. Commit. Fixes bug #377254
  • Fix Render Widget’s file dialog not working correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #371685
  • Fix render job duration when past midnight. Commit. Fixes bug #372370
  • Fix Bin Effect reset. Commit. Fixes bug #376494
  • Fix unnecessary refresh of tools when selecting titler item. Commit.
  • Fix fadeouts re-appearing on clip cut+resize. Commit.