Although the team is at full throttle getting ready for the 17.12 big refactoring release, we make available the first point release of the 17.08 series bringing various bugfixes and usability improvements. Stay tuned for testing the refactoring branch packages to be announced soon.


  • Remember last selected title template. Commit. See bug #384340
  • Fix proxy error (height not multiple of 2). Commit. Fixes bug #384345
  • Fix extract frame from bin exporting lower than source image. Commit.
  • Fix visibility check of tracks in multitrack-view. Commit.
  • Allow disabling autosave until we improve it. Commit. Fixes bug #384197
  • Windows: find Kdenlive lumas. Commit. Fixes bug #375337
  • Windows: terminate KDE session on window close. Commit. Fixes bug #380854
  • Windows: always use bundled MLT. Commit. Fixes bug #380036
  • Remove project profiles sharing (knsrc). Commit. Fixes bug #383238
  • Gardening: fix GCC warnings (8). Commit.