The refactoring branch of Kdenlive is progressing nicely and we hope to merge our code to master in the last days of october to meet the KDE Applications 17.12 release schedule. Today we updated the AppImages of both stable and refactoring branch.

Fixes for stable include:

  • Rotate from image center in Transform effect (requires latest MLT git included in AppImage)
  • Workaround KAutoSaveFile bug (previously autosave was disabled if your project name had a space in it).
  • Fix keyframes unusable on bin clip effects

Fixes for refactoring include:

  • Implement copy/paste of clips in timeline
  • Unselect clips when clicking in empty timeline space
  • Title clips: use the first words as clip title instead of “Title clip”
  • Various crash bugfixes

Both AppImages also benefit these fixes:

Download links:
Stable 17.08.1b AppImage:
Development version AppImage:

Our next Kdenlive café will happen on the 30th of october 2017 at 9pm (CET), so see you there!
We also plan to make a few changes to our website in the next weeks, so stay tuned!