We are happy to announce the latest Kdenlive version, part of the KDE Applications 17.12 release, making it the last major release using the current code base. This is a maintenance release focused on stability, while feature development is going in next year’s 18.04 version. Proxy clips were given some attention and should give you better seeking experience as well as reduced memory usage for images. Other fixes include fixes in timeline preview, a crash when using a Library clip and smoother seeking on rewind playback.

We have been pushing the AppImage packages lately because it allow us to put all required dependencies inside one file that can easily be downloaded and run on all linux distros. Today, we can also announce the immediate availability of the Kdenlive 17.12 AppImage, downloadable here :

AppImage related fixes:

  • Fix audio distortion affecting the 17.08.3 AppImage
  • Include Breeze style

Vincent Pinon is also continuing the support for the Windows version, and you can get Kdenlive 17.12 for Windows here:

We are also making available the first usable “preview” AppImage of the refactoring branch which will receive all development focus from now and will be released as 18.04. It is not ready for production but allows you to have a look at Kdenlive’s future. You may follow the development progress here.

Kdenlive 18.04 alpha 2 release:

Meet us:
Next Kdenlive Café is tonight on #kdenlive at 21PM (CET), so feel free to join us for some feedback!



  • Packagers must take note that libsamplerate is now a dependency due to recent changes in FFMPEG.
  • It is recommended for Ubuntu (and derivatives) users to use the AppImage version until further notice.


Full list of changes

  • Remove useless audio bitrate on pcm proxy encoding. Commit.
  • Update proxy profiles. Commit.
  • Make sure playlist proxies have an even height. Commit.
  • Fix crash on playlists concurrent jobs using library clips. Commit. See bug #386616
  • Timeline preview fixes: Don’t invalidate on expand/collapse effect, invalidate on master clip edit. Commit.
  • Don’t restart clip if trying to play backwards from clip monitor end. Commit.
  • Use smaller size for image proxies. Commit. Fixes bug #353577
  • Fix playing backwards forwards one second. Commit. Fixes bug #375634
  • Fix extension in transcode file dialog. Commit.
  • Sort clip zones by position instead of name. Commit.
  • Set a proper desktop file name to fix an icon under Wayland. Commit.
  • FreeBSD does not have sys/asm.h — for what is this include needed on linux?. Commit.
  • Doc: fix option (qwindowtitle instead of caption). Commit.
  • Fix terminology: mimetype(s) -> MIME type(s). Commit.
  • Fix UI string: Control Center -> System Settings. Commit.
  • Const’ify code. Commit.
  • Fix import image sequence. Commit.