The last minor release of the 19.08 series is out with a fair amount of usability fixes while preparations are underway for the next major version. The highlights include an audio mixer, improved effects UI and some performance optimizations. Grab the nightly AppImage builds, give it a spin and report any issues. 


  • Try to make it compile with gcc 9. Commit. Fixes bug #413416
  • Fix missing param name in avfilters. Commit.
  • Fix compositions disappear after reopening project with locked track. Commit. Fixes bug #412369
  • Fix favorite compositions broken. Fixes #361. Commit.
  • Fix razor tool cutting wrong clip. Fixes #380. Commit.
  • Fix red track background on add track. Commit.
  • Fix deprecated method. Commit.
  • Fix docked widgets losing title and decoration when undocked. Commit.
  • Close favorite effect popup on activation. Commit.
  • Fix fades handles sometimes not appearing. Commit.
  • Fix seeking with wheel on ruler. Commit.
  • Update appdata for 19.08.3. Commit.
  • Fix fad in control sometimes not visible. Commit.