The second minor release of the 19.12 series is out with Qt 5.14 compatibility, Project Bin ability to sort subclips in chronological order, crash fixes and interface enhancements.

  • Cleaner deletion order on exit. Commit.
  • Fix crash on new project with Qt 5.14. Commit.
  • Fix index corruption on track deletion. Commit. See bug #416677
  • Sort subclips in chronological order when sorting by date. Commit.
  • Fine tune timeline clip elements on smaller track size. Commit.
  • Cleanup resize and other clip handles (fades, add composition, keyframes). Commit.
  • Clean up and fix possible corruption on missing bin clip id. Commit.
  • Restore opening of clips from command line. Commit. See bug #416404
  • Fix effect with long names prevent easy access to effect actions. Commit. Fixes bug #416420
  • Hide option to overlay audio info from Project monitor (not supported). Commit.
  • Fix one empty frame left when trying to put 2 clips together. Commit.
  • Fix i18n warning on startup. Commit.
  • Improvements to composition duration on drop. Commit.