The last minor release of the 19.12 series is out with bug fixes and usability improvements. Next month we mark the one year anniversary of the refactored code base so stay tuned for many nifty features coming like pitch shifting, tagging and rating of clips in the project bin and the much anticipated preview scaling of monitors bringing a huge performance boost.


  • Fix clip monitor ruler not always adjusting to correct length. Commit.
  • Fix paste speed clip broken on comma locale. Commit. See bug #418121
  • Fix 1 frame offset in fade out. Commit. See bug #416811
  • Fix markers drawn outside clip. Commit.
  • Fix crash on insert track. Related to #573. Commit.
  • Fix changing of title clip duration broken. Commit. Fixes bug #417505
  • Fix org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. Commit.
  • Filter effects in current category only. Commit.
  • Fix recent change breaking effects with jobs (like motion tracker). Commit.
  • Update appdata for 19.12.3. Commit.
  • Fix audio mixer balance cannot be changed after project opening. Commit.
  • Fix clip fades cannot be inserted after undoing. Commit.
  • Fix cannot update render filename. Commit.
  • Fix pasted clips with negative speed have wrong in/out. Commit. See bug #417143
  • Fix dropping effect on monitor. Commit.
  • Spelling fixes (by Patrick Matthäi). Commit.
  • Fix rotoscoping broken in some circumstances on cut clips. Commit.
  • Some updates for AppImage rubberband (not automatically included, needs some manual patching). Commit.
  • Add vamp-sdk to AppImage scripts. Commit.
  • Add rubberband to AppImage scripts. Commit.
  • Fix monitor fullscreen in some cases and don’t lose focus (broke shortcuts). Commit.
  • Update org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. Commit.