We just released the first bugfix version for the 20.04 Kdenlive version. Despite our continued work, many issues were still affecting the 20.04.0 version. A lot of work has been done to fix crashes and other annoying issues, so the 20.04.1 version should be much more reliable and stable. We have a long list of fixed issues.

Windows: Motion Tracking effect integrated.

AppImage: Fix crash on older systems (remove OpenCV sse4 dependency)

Most notably, we have now fixed:

Crash fixes:

  • Disable loading of .mlt playlists with profile not equal to project profile (caused crash)
  • Fix possible crash on subclip thumbnail creation
  • Fix crash trying to move timeline clip to another track when bin clip had some effects
  • Fix crash creating DVD chapters
  • Fix playlist profile incorrectly detected, leading to crashes when seeking in timeline

Important fixes:

  • Fix timeline preview not invalidated on hide track
  • Proxy clips: fix vaapi_h264 profile and ensure we keep the stream order
  • Use safer QSaveFile class to ensure our document is not corrupted on disk full
  • Fix rubber selection moving with scolling
  • Fix image rendering (add %05d suffix)
  • Fix timeline preview was incorrectly disabled
  • Fix MLT 6.20 avformat slideshows not recognized on onpening (convert to standard qimage)
  • Fix template title clips in timeline resetting duration on project re-open
  • Fix paste clips/compositions sometimes not working or pasting on wrong track/position
  • Fix compositions broken on insert audio track
  • Fix audio drag from monitor broken
  • Fix “archive project” creating broken backup files
  • Fix track effect not adjusting duration when track duration changes (new clip appended)
  • Additionnaly, a fix was committed in MLT git to fix audio desync with the pitch shift effect

UI fixes:

  • Enable audiospectrum by default
  • Make compositions use less vertical space, expand when selected
  • Fix various geometry keyframe regressions in monitor
  • Improve handling of missing clips, draw “photo” frame on image clips
  • Improve notification of missing(deleted files) and don’t allow reloading a missing clip
  • Always sync all keyframeable effects position with timeline position
  • On clip move, also consider moving clip’s markers for snapping
  • Delete all selected markers in clip properties dialog when requested
  • Implement timecode parsing when pasting text in Project notes
  • Shift + collapse will collapse expand all audio or video tracks
  • On clip cut, auto reselect right part of the clip if it was previously selected
  • Fix timeline sometimes not scrolling to cursor position
  • Fix aspect ratio not working on title images
  • titler: Remember to show background
  • Fix glitch in bin item selection, causing some actions to be disabled
  • Show clip speed before name so it’s visible when changing speed of a clip with long name
  • Don’t use drop frame timecode for 23.98