The first maintenance release of the 20.08 series is out fixing a regression in the Windows version with de-synced audio and wrong effects when rendering as well as other minor fixes. Currently all work is focused on the new functionality to apply transitions between two clips on same track. This new functionality is planned for upcoming version 20.12.

Change log:

  • Keep titlebars state (hidden/shown) when switching between layouts. Commit.
  • Fix insert broken in some configurations (video disabled). Commit.
  • Fix compilation. Commit.
  • Don’t resize mixer widget if tabbed. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect stream or no audio on insert. Commit.
  • Update default editing layout. Commit.
  • Fix audio only insert broken. Commit.
  • Correctly update project duration on group move. Commit.
  • Raise Project Bin when a clip is dropped in timeline or created through the menu. Commit.
  • Correctly replace slideshow folder if moved. Commit.
  • Fix a spelling error. Commit.
  • Fix shift click for multiple selection broken in Bin. Commit.