The first minor release of the 20.12 series is out with a huge batch of fixes and usability improvements.


  • The ability to select and move multiple keyframes by SHIFT + click drag.

  • Select multiple keyframes with CTRL+ click.
  • Add option to move selected keyframe to current cursor position.
  • Added a duplicate keyframes button.
  • Zoom on keyframes with CTRL + wheel.
  • Add option to delete all effects in selected clip(s).
  • Fix track effects applying only on first playlist.



Added ability to hide and lock subtitles.


Other hightlights

  • Added undo/redo when setting in and out points.
  • Automatically update title clip name when we edit a duplicate title.
  • Appearance improvements to compositions and clips.
  • Added unused clip filter to the project bin.
  • Added option in the timeline settings to not pause playback while seeking.
  • Moved the timeline tooltips to the status bar.
Full log
  • Fix crash on copy subtitle (not implemented yet). Commit.
  • Ensure jobs for timeline clips/tracks are properly canceled when the clip/track is deleted, fix crash on audio align deleted clip. Commit.
  • Fix crash if the clip of an audio align job is deleted during calculations. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash dragging clip in timeline from a file manager. Commit.
  • Various display adjustments for compositions and clips. Commit.
  • Reset config should also delete xmlui config file. Commit.
  • Fix disabling proxy loses some clip properties. Commit.
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Fix some regressions in keyframe move. Commit.
  • Undo/redo on clip monitor set in/out point. Commit.
  • Don’t snap on subtitles when track is hidden. Commit.
  • Add option to delete all effects in selected clip/s. Commit.
  • Fix some more xml parameters by Eugen Mohr. Commit.
  • Fix crash when all audio streams of a clip were disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #429997
  • Fix some broken effects descriptions, spotted by Eugen Mohr. Commit.
  • Reduce latency on forwards/backwards play. Commit.
  • Fix the integer value of effect parameter’s checkbox. Fixes #880. Commit.
  • Fix various typos spotted by Kunda Ki. Commit.
  • Automatically update title clip name when we edit a duplicate title. Commit.
  • Add option to not pause the playback while seeking. Commit.
  • Fix some crashes with locked subtitle track. Commit.
  • Fix qml deprecation warning. Commit.
  • Fix track effects applying only on first playlist. Commit.
  • Fix timeline vertical scrolling too fast. Commit.
  • Fix clip move incorrectly rejected. Commit.
  • Fix regression with crash in effect stack. Commit.
  • Add preliminary support to copy a keyframe param value to other selected keyframes. Commit.
  • Move timeline tooltips in statusbar. Commit.
  • Add normalizers to MLT thumbcreator, fixing Kdeinit crash. Commit. See bug #430122
  • Effectstack: Add duplicate keyframe(s) button. Commit.
  • Effectstack: select multiple keyframes by shift-click + drag (like in timeline). Commit.
  • Improve grabbing of keyframes in effect stack. Commit.
  • Initial implementation of grouped keyframe operation (move/delete). Select multiple keyframes with CTRL+click. Commit.
  • When calculating a folder hash (to find a missing slideshow), take into accound the file hash of 2 files inside the folder. Commit.
  • Ensure subtitle track buttons are hidden when the track is hidden. Commit.
  • Fix project profile creation dialog not updating properties on profile selection. Commit.
  • Don’t change Bin horizontal scrolling when focusing an item. Commit.
  • Fix composition unselected on move. Commit.
  • Fix unwanted keyframe move on keyframe widget seek. Commit.
  • Don’t snap on subtitles when locked. Commit.
  • Show/lock subtitle track now correctly uses undo/redo. Commit.
  • Restor subtitle track state (hidden/locked) on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix qmlt typo. Commit.
  • Fix color picker offset, live preview of picked color in the button. Commit.
  • Implement subtitle track lock. Commit.
  • Add hide and lock (in progress) of subtitle track. Commit.
  • Zoom effect keyframe on CTRL + wheel, add option to move selected keyframe to current cursor position. Commit.
  • Add “unused clip” filter in Project Bin. Commit. Fixes bug #430035
  • Another small fix for image sequence on project opening. Commit.